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Pool Blaster Catfish Handheld Spa Vacuum Cleaner

Pool Blaster Catfish Handheld Spa Vacuum Cleaner


Retail Price: $169.99

Our Price: $119.99

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The Pool Blaster Catfish Provides Versatility & Power, Making It the Best Spa Vac You Can Buy

The Pool Blaster Catfish handheld vacuum is portable and lightweight, with a large debris canister and a battery that delivers 45 minutes of cleaning power. It has a great suction, it can pick up a dime off the floor of a hot tub, and can also suck up large leaves and acorns, along with fine dust and sand.

The Catfish hot tub vacuum is lightweight and truly portable, ideal for cleaning small pools, spas and hot tubs. Its vacuum head is eight-inches wide, allowing you to clean larger areas faster. For spot cleaning spas, you can remove the spa vac head to easily reach into spa corners and hot tub crevices. It's easy to use while sitting in the spa, or you can attach a telescopic pole and clean the spa from the outside.

  • There are no hoses or additional pumps to mess with
  • Spa vac is independent from spa filter systems
  • Powered by rechargeable NiMH battery in sealed chamber with 45 minute run time
  • Reusable filter bag captures leaves, sand and algae
  • Vacuum can be used on pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pole
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • User friendly and affordable

Catfish Spa Vacuum Specifications

  • Includes scrubbing brushes, crevice corner nozzle and battery charger
  • Run time: Up to 45 minutes on a full charge
  • Power Rating: 200
  • Cleaning coverage: 1102 sq. ft./hour
  • Vacuum head width: 8 in.
  • Unit dimensions: 11" L x 4.5" W x 3.5" D
  • Unit weight: 3.1 lbs.
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