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Grit Getter Stretch Hand Pump Spa & Hot Tub Vacuum

Grit Getter Stretch Hand Pump Spa & Hot Tub Vacuum

Item #: GG121

Retail Price: $39.95

Our Price: $28.99

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The Grit-Gitter is a squeeze vacuum for your spa or hot tub. Pump the Grit Getter soft rubber body to create suction to pick up sand, grit and larger debris. The Grit Getter Stretch is a longer-reaching version of the Grit Getter, a 30" handle that allows you to vacuum a hot tub without getting into the water. The extension pole can be removed to convert it to the familiar 9"-long handheld Grit-Gitter.

This two-in-one spa vacuum allows you to clean your spa will soaking, or while standing outside the tub. You can even customize your reach by replacing the yellow handle with a standard 1" PVC pipe cut to any length you want. It's perfect for vacuuming pool steps, splasher pools, spas and hot tubs.

Just squeeze the diaphragm, place the Grit Getter over particles, and release. Debris is sucked-up by vacuum action and collected neatly inside for easy disposal later. No batteries, poles, cords, or hoses. Store it in or next to your hot tub so it'll always be handy. Great for tight corners and hard to reach spots.

The Grit-Gitter Stretch is the easy way to vacuum sand, grit, and other debris from the floor and seats of your hot tub spa. No power or batteries required, so it's always ready to work.

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