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Grit Gitter

Grit Gitter

Item #: GG102

Retail Price: 23.32

Our Price: $20.99

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days

Get the latest spa vacuum innovation at an amazingly low price!

The Grit Gitter is an extremely powerful hand vacuum for your spa. It removes dirt and debris from your spa water without using batteries, cords or long, clumsy poles! Works even in tight corners and in your filter chamber. Grit Gitter "Gets the grit while you sit!" Now you don't have to get out of your spa to clean it up!

The Grit-Gitter is a great new invention and the easy way to vacuum sand, grit, scale particles and other undesirables from the bottom surfaces of your hot tub spa. Gets floating debris like bugs, grass, etc. too. There's nothing at all to hook-up or plug in!

Just squeeze, move forward over particles, and release. Debris vanishes, sucked-up by powerful vacuum action and collected neatly inside for easy disposal later.

No batteries, poles, cords, or hoses. Store it in or next to your hot tub so it'll always be handy. Great for tight corners and hard to reach spots.

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