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Filter Flosser Spa Filter Cleaner Spray Nozzle

Filter Flosser Spa Filter Cleaner Spray Nozzle

Item #: FFLOSS

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Don't just clean your Hot Tub Filter; FLOSS it!

The Filter Flosser provides a powerful, evenly dispersed spray that penetrates deeply between the pleats of your filter cartridge for deep cleaning. Filter flosser is not just another garden hose spray nozzle, it's a patented (US 8647447), specially designed tool for cleaning pleated filter cartridges used on pools and spas and also for industrial and commercial water treatment.

The Filter Flosser can be used in two ways, hold horizontally at close range to clean several spa filter pleats, or hold the tool vertical, about 6" away to create a powerful focused stream to clean between filter pleats in an up an down motion. See video below for demonstration of the Filter Flosser, in action.

High quality Stainless Steel and Brass spa filter cleaner is heavy duty, nearly indestructible and will last for decades. Includes gaskets and on/off valve. Threaded to fit standard GHT garden hose thread. Comfortable hand grip reduces fatigue, and focused jets of water reduce overspray. And because you can clean a spa filter faster and better, you spend less time doing it, which also saves water.

Invest in a Filter Flosser, to clean spa filters more efficiently and effectively, even if you have low water pressure. Improved water flow with better filtration will result in a clearer spa that requires less chemicals. All because you are able to deep-clean your spa filter!

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