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Del Ozone Spa Eclipse 120/220V

Del Ozone Spa Eclipse 120/220V

Item #: A2491

Retail Price: $112.21

Our Price: $100.99

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days

Using Ozone, one of the most powerful oxidizing disinfectant, the Del Ozone Spa Eclipse helps keep your spa water immaculately clean while eliminating odors and saving you money on chemicals. The Del Ozone Spa Eclipse is designed to plumb easily into all ozone-ready spas or the spa return line. Del Ozone Spa Eclipse is easily mountable and comes complete with Ozone generator, Ozone supply tubing, check valve, mounting screws, installation manual, and water chemistry guide.


  • 200 times more powerful than oxygen
  • 99.99% effective at killing bacteria
  • No chemical residue
  • No harsh by-products
  • Simple installation
  • Dual Voltage 120/220V
  • Comes with amp style plug

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