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Sun Sorb 2-Pack

Sun Sorb 2-Pack

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Eliminate Scum Lines, Reduce Foaming and Catch Oils in Your Spa with Sun Sorb Sponges Use a Sun Sorb sponge to cut down on the time it takes to clean your spa. Simply place one of these sponges in your spa and it will soak up oils and lotions worn by bathers before the oils reach the filter or create a scum line around your spa shell. The sponges are easily cleaned with a little bit of dish soap and can be used over and over again.
  • Absorbs up to 40 times its own weight in oils and lotions
  • Save time cleaning your cartridge filter by keeping a Sun Sorb sponge in your spa
  • Easily clean the sponges using dish soap, then reuse
  • Eliminate the need to scrub the scum line along the edge of your hot tub
  • Avoid a lot of the chore of cleaning up after heavy use of your hot tub simply adding a sponge before your guests arrive
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