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FROG Jump Start Sanitizing Packet

FROG Jump Start Sanitizing Packet

Item #: 1146012

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Product Size: 43 Grams

The FROG® Jump Start® spa sanitizing packet is the easiest, most convenient way to start-up your spa after a fresh water refill. One 1.5-ounce Jump Start packet contains a single dose of sanitizer with a unique dichlor base that will treat up to 600 gallons of water. Simply open the packet and pour its contents in the water. There’s no mess like liquid chlorine or bromine, and no storage space issues like bigger containers of sanitizer create. It’s best to use a packet of FROG Jump Start every four months or when you drain and refill your hot tub.

  • Product Size: 1.5 oz. packet
  • One dose packet for easy spa start-up
  • Contains unique dichlor base with effervescent action that shows packet is working
  • Easy and convenient to use; open packet and pour contents into hot tub water
  • One 1.5 oz. packet treats up to 600 gallons of water
  • Best to use every 4 months
  • Helps sanitizer cartridges in FROG Mineral Systems last even longer
  • Availability: Usually leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days
  • Limited quantity shipping restrictions apply

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