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FROG Serene Cartridge Kit

FROG Serene Cartridge Kit

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The FROG® Serene™ Cartridge Kit makes sanitizing your spa water easy and automatic, cutting your spa maintenance time and chemical usage in half. The bromine cartridge sanitizes just as effectively as chlorine, giving you crystal clear, odor-free, softer water, while the mineral cartridge also works to disinfect and help maintain pH balance.

  • Note: These replacement cartridges are to be used with the FROG Serene Floating System
  • FROG Serene 4-Pack Cartridge Kit contains 3 bromine cartridges and 1 mineral cartridge
  • Bromine cartridges (yellow) each last 2-4 weeks
  • Mineral cartridge (blue) lasts 4 months
  • Bromine cartridges are just as effective as chlorine for keeping water clean and clear
  • Cartridges are easily adjustable to meet the sanitizing needs of every spa
  • FROG Serene Cartridge Kit sanitizes for up to 3 months

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