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FROG Filter Mate Mineral Spa Disinfectant

FROG Filter Mate Mineral Spa Disinfectant

Item #: 1143724

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The FROG® Filter Mate™ offers another approach to mineral spa care. Fits inside the filter core, or can also be placed in a skimmer tray or in the filter well. The unique design draws water in through the openings in the cap and scooped louvers at the top, and circulates it through a specialized mineral formula for maximum sanitizing effectiveness. Fresh Mineral Water is then released through the bottom openings. Supplement the FROG Filter Mate with a low level of bromine or chlorine. Each Filter Mate lasts 4 months, and it included an easy reminder dial to help you remember when to replace it.

Product Downloads:
FROG Filter Mate Owner's Manual
FROG Products Brochure

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