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Rendezvous Spa Bromine Tablets - Hot Tub Sanitizer - 1.5lbs

Rendezvous Spa Bromine Tablets - Hot Tub Sanitizer - 1.5lbs

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Product Size: 1.5 lb

These Rendezvous spa bromine tablets dissolve slowly to deliver a concentrated dose of active bromine to sanitize and disinfect your spa water. Place these briquette-shaped bromine tablets into a spa feeder or floating bromine dispenser for even, continuous disinfection.

  • Product Size: 1.5 lbs.
  • Sanitizes spa water as effectively as chlorine
  • Keeps water clean, clear and odor free
  • Dissolves slowly for continuous disinfection
  • Follow label instructions for proper use
  • Proper sanitary practices require changing spa water every 90 days or as necessary

Click HERE to Download the Rendezvous Complete Spa Care Guide!


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