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March: Hot Tub Skirting & Pads

Highland Spa Skirting Kits allow you to professionally replace your own hot tub skirting. Choose from square or flexible radius corner, and select from 3 rich colors.

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January: Spa Filter Cartridges

Your spa filter takes a beating all year long, so start the year off right with a new filter cartridge. Worn spa filters lose the ability to trap small particles, which leads to cloudy water and potentially unsanitary conditions. Replace your spa filter annually for the best water quality and fewer water problems.

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February: Spa Aromatherapy

Spa Aromatherapy is a large category of spa fragrance products to add fragrance and skin softening emollients to your hot tub water. If you've never tried spa aromatherapy before, you are in for a treat!

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April: Spa Blankets

Made of a variety of materials, a spa blanket floats on the surface of the water, to trap in heat, humidity and spa chemicals.

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May: Spa Steps

Unless your spa is inground, or built into a deck, getting in and out of a hot tub can be a challenge. Hot tub steps snug up to your spa, as stairs for easy entry - easy exit.

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June: Cover Lifts

We have seven models of hot tub cover lifters, to fit both square sided and rounded spas. Stop struggling with your bulky or heavy spa cover, install a cover lift and let it do the work for you!

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July: Spa Shock

Non-chlorine shock is used in spas with bromine, ozone or mineral systems, to oxidize contaminants in the spa water, and restore shine and brilliance to dull or cloudy spa water.

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August: Balboa Spa Packs

Synonymous with quality, and the most well-known spa control system in the industry. Balboa spa packs combine easy installation, intelligent controls and extremely reliable heaters, pumps and blowers.

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September: Next Day Spa Covers

Our popular Next Day Spa Covers, are loaded on a truck within 24 hours. For those of you who are lucky enough to have one of the USA's six most popular spa models, we've got you covered!

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October: Spa Cleaners

It's time for Fall Spa Cleaning, and Hot Tub Works has got you covered from top to bottom. Spa filter cleaners, spa cover cleaners, spa surface cleaners and jet cleaners. Give your spa a deep cleaning, just in time for winter!

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November: Ozone Minerals

Supplemental Sanitizers like mineral ion purifiers and spa ozonators are being celebrated all month long at Hot Tub Works. Using all natural minerals or ozone allows you to reduce reliance on bromine and shocking cleaner and longer lasting spa water.

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December: Great Gifts

With the holiday season upon us, we thought it would be fun to offer-up some of our more gift-y spa products, perfect for holiday gift giving.

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