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Wine And Green Tea Hot Tubs


Once per year, a spa resort in Japan fills its pools with wine, offering guests a chance to soak in a blend of wine and water. The “powers that be” at the spa claim that bathing in red wine is a rejuvenation treatment for the body – a belief that was popularized by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.

wine spa in japan


The Hakone Kowakien Yunessun offers guests the chance to stew in large ponds of green tea, coffee, sake or red wine all in the name of health and well-being. Touted as more of a water amusement park than a health spa, Hakone Kowakien Yunessun only opens the wine pool for 12 days a year.

The most popular type of wine in Japan is the Beaujolais Nouveau, and for the last four years, the spa has been providing a yearly opening of the wine pool in which Beaujolais Nouveau is piped into the pool via an oversized wine bottle that is filled with eager bathers.
wine spa in japan


For those of you who are sad to hear of the wasted wine, fret not – the bathers are tended to by a sommelier who is ready to fill their glasses from a fresh bottle.

green tea spa


The Green Tea spa features teas from the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains and the spa area features a giant 2m tall tea pot. The aromatic green tea contains Catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant that fights tumors and enhances the immune system.
green tea spa


Bathing in a large vat of coffee (coffee grinds mixed with natural hot spring water) is effective in treating skin suffering from fatigue and the aroma of the coffee will “perk up the senses.”
coffee spa, japan


And finally, bathing in a sake-filled tub will improve the beauty of one’s skin…or at least that’s what the folks over at the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Springs Amusement Park & Spa Resort say.

sake hot tub in japan


Hakone, Kanagawa is home to the most popular spa centre in all of Japan for a period of 12 days every year. What makes this outdoor hot springs and spa resort so popular, you ask? Well, the sheer ridiculousness of it all, of course. Leave it to the Japanese to exaggerate spa-based practices to the point where they are quite comical (and efficacy of treatments become questionable).


Additional amenities at the spa include the Mori NO YU resort zone that allows guests to enjoy the hot springs in a secluded area that is designated as a nude bathing zone.


Now I know I’ve heard it all …

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