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The Soak is Always Better on the Other Side…


soak in a spa - hot tubs are great no matter where they areAlthough I live in beautiful Southern California and the weather is usually amazing, I found myself becoming envious of our customers living in the Mid-West and North-East.

It always sounded crazy to me that anyone would go into their hot tub when it is freezing outside. So I had to ask why? My first thought was I would never go out in freezing weather to get in my hot tub. As it was explained why and described to me how wonderful it is to be in the warm water while snow is falling from the sky I could feel myself “turning green” with envy.

One customer mentioned that while soaking in her lavender scented water not only can she enjoy the snow falling on her head, she has seen comets fly by.

Another customer mentioned how he watches the sunrise over snow covered trees while safe and warm in his hot tub. He actually eats breakfast and drinks coffee in his tub hot every morning. He was buying a new Spa Caddy to hold his morning meal.

Now, California may have nice weather but I want to see comets fly by, snow fall on my head and the sun rise over snow covered trees while safe and warm in my hot tub.

I guess the soak is always better on the other side.


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