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The Importance Of Draining And Cleaning Your Hot Tub


When, Why and How to Drain your Spa or Hot Tub

drain-the-spa-hot-tubWould you leave your bathtub filled with water and have everyone in your household use it without ever draining it and replacing the water? I hope the answer is a big fat NO!

It’s gross, to put it bluntly. So you can see why it’s so important to drain and clean your hot tub. Your average size bath tub holds roughly 50 gallons of water. An average size hot tub holds about 400 gallons. There is not a big difference here.

Plus, the water is HOT, hence the term “hot” tub. Hot water is great at extracting our body’s natural…naturalness. Oils, lotions, dirt (yup, dirt), makeup, and all other sorts of things we have on our bodies. This can turn your hot tub into a breeding ground for bad bacteria really fast.

Now, unlike a bathtub, we use chemicals in our hot tubs to keep them from getting…well, like a bathtub. We use sanitation chemicals to kill any forms of bad bacteria in our water. We also keep our water properly balanced (pH and alkalinity) and that helps to keep it clean and sanitized. But even adding all those chemicals won’t be enough. Eventually, you can do no more, and therefore, you must drain.

You should drain your hot tub every 3-4 months, depending on how much and how many people use it.citrabright

Once you drain it out all the way, you should take this opportunity to clean your hot tub manually, like you would wash your car (just don’t use car soap). You can find all the cleaning chemicals you need on Hot Tub Works, and a fresh batch of clean towels. After draining, start off by cleaning the inside shell of the hot tub as best you can. I like using Leisure Time CitraBright to clean the spa shell. Removes water line gunk and dirt, and leaves a nice scent and a high gloss.

Draining time is also a great time to clean your hot tub filters. Again, you can find spa filter cleaner at Hot Tub Works Tubs to really help degrease those filters. Make sure you take this time to check for any fraying. If you see your filters starting to come apart, it’s time to get them replaced.

spa filter cleanerI like to use a spa filter cleaner solution and dilute it with a little water in a bucket and soak the filters for a few hours. After you take them out of the bucket, make sure you give them a very thorough rinse. If you don’t, you may have foam when you start your hot tub up again. Also, it’s recommended to let the spa filter dry completely before putting it back to use.

Once your filters are all clean and your hot tub is wiped down, it’s time to fill it with fresh water. Now that your hot tub is filled, but sure to test and get the right levels of pH and Alkalinity before you take your first dip. And, be sure to add sanitizer to the spa. You wouldn’t want to soak in untreated water.

So, that’s it! You should do this every few months in order to prolong the life of your hot tub and to keep your friends and family safe from any harmful contaminants in the water.

What are you waiting for? Get Tubbin’!

– Jack


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