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Sundance Spa Covers




We added a new page just for Sundance Spa Covers.  We make 1000s of these models a year and have every model for every year that exists.

A few things that are important about the Sundance Spa Covers are:

Colors are specific to Sundance Spas and we have the correct colors.

Spa cover strap locations are important and we have the specifications for those exact strap locations.

Sundance Hot Tub Covers skirts lengths can change based the model and we have all the right data in the system.

With the new Sundance Spa Cover order page you can simply point and click and get the perfect hot tub cover with out any work or worry.

I suggest buying the 2lb foam option for your Sundance Hot Tub Cover as it will last the longest and the heating costs will be much better.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call us at 80o-772-0292, we have a full department of experts on all the Sundance Spa Covers.

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