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Sun Burned Spa Cover




Sometimes we see all kinds of strange things happening to our spa covers. Rarely will we get a warranty request for a strange marking pattern which looks like a burn. This is an example of one of those rare events.

This is an email exchange between the client and Nick in Customer Service.



Hello Nick,

I owe you and Hot Tub Works an apology.  I’ve finally figured out the issue.  One day a couple of months ago I was out in the yard working.  It was a cool afternoon, but I felt a warm heat on the back of my neck.  I was getting a reflection off my upper bedroom double pane window.  I made a mental note to watch reflection as the days got longer and the sun moved northward on the horizon.  Today I saw a reflection off a lower window casting extra light and heat in the exact pattern as the “dual truck tire pattern”.  I think I made a mistake assuming the problem was yours.  I am sorry.  You guys treated me exceptionally well under the circumstances, and I will continue to be your customer.  I will call next time I order a cover to find out how to prevent trouble.  Again, please accept my apologies, and pass this on to the woman in customer relations.  Thank you.




Here is the tub as it sits.  Moss Beach is on the coast in the foggiest portion of No. Cal.  Our hottest day was 86F.  One day.  Heat is not a factor.  If you look at the close-ups, you can see the edges of the foam retain the original size.  What do you mean by “sun damage”?  This is quite strange and I can’t really blame you guys for doubting me after we went through this before, but there is indeed a problem with foam.  It’s wacky that it happens to only one side, the exact same side as before, but I have not abused this cover, or the previous cover in any way.  I should have kept the first cover.  I could have taken the good side out and replaced it into the newer cover and had a complete undamaged hot tub cover.  Please send this up your chain of management so someone can correct this issue.  I trust your company can fix the problem.  I even sold my friend on your spa covers, (he has no grooves in his at this time).



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