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Spa Hot Tub Pre-Filter to Ensure Clean, Easy to Maintain Water


Using a Pre-Filter on your Spa Fill Water

One of the most important things that you could do to take care of your hot tub water is to ensure that all the build-up and particulates in the water are removed. This will help prevent staining on the hot tub surface and it will allow you to maintain chemical levels in the water.

This is especially important if you are using well water because of the extra metals and build-up inherent in the water. The best thing to use to accomplish this is to purchase a pre-filter.

We have a good pre-filter on our site for use when filling your spa.  HTF-3128, this spa prefilter can be used for several fills and will remove particles in the water up to .5 of a micron (that’s small!).  Just connect it to your garden hose, and it filters the water before it goes into your spa or hot tub.

If you have any further questions on either of these pre-filters please give us a call.


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