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Spa Filters That Perform



At Hot Tub Works, we offer the highest quality hot tub filters made, with the best media available; Reemay, a spun polyester. Below is some research conducted by our filter manufacturer to illustrate how our filters outperform the competition.



One of our competitors has recently introduced a new filtration fabric. They claim that this new fabric is so effective, nothing cleans better or faster. They even go so far as to sell you a 3-ounce filter for pools, when systems using 4-ounce filter fabric are the only ones that pass NSF Standard 50. What’s more, the use of 4-ounce filters is universally supported by pool OEMs.

We don’t think a substandard filter is good for you or your spa.

Think all cartridges are alike? Think again. Without seams that can crack and collapse, FILBUR one-piece, punched PVC cores are stronger than the molded ones found on competitor cartridges. Not only that: Our end caps offer integrated fittings for easy installation and removal, eliminating the need for PAD adapters.



Reemay is Heavier.
Reemay’s 28% greater weight means more fibers per area to capture more dirt.

Reemay is Thicker.
At 62% thicker, Reemay offers more fibers to collect dirt. Greater thickness means greater dirt-holding capacity and much less chance for dirt to escape the fabric.

Reemay is Sturdier.
135% stiffer means greater pleat integrity, less chance of puncture and tearing for longer life.


Substandard filter fabric means a substandard filter cartridge. One that can plug more quickly, require frequent cleaning, deliver inferior water clarity and need replacement more often. In the long run, this costs consumers more, risking your business. Reemay holds 59% more dirt before clogging.

At Hot Tub Works, we stock over 10,000 spa filters for every make and model that has ever made.  If you need a quality spa filter at a great price with free shipping, you can find them here: Spa Filters.


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