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Spa Cover Lifter Reviews



Hot Tub cover lifters are essential for most people to comfortably handle a bulky spa cover, and also to prevent damage to your spa cover. You may be surprised to know how often spa covers are broken during movement, or while not on the hot tub – about half of the replacement spa covers that we sell.

Reviews are popular nowadays, with nearly every product we sell, but the best reviews come from you, our customers via email – the unsolicited customer feedback. I have collected hundreds of these over the years, and have hand picked a few of the most useful reviews, or those that really highlight the features of each of these very different spa cover lifters.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter Reviews: 2008-2012

Cover Valet Reviews

  1. Works like a charm. I was nervous about installation, seeing that the other models you just slide under the spa, but this one seemed more sturdy than those. The video you guys did was very helpful. Installed in under an hour.
  2. Instructions were a bit lacking, but once I had the the side bracket installed, the rest was a breeze. It’s very sturdy and easy to use with the piston assist. I like how it sits up next to the spa, adds a bit of privacy on one side.
  3. I didn’t want to drill into the wood around my spa, fearing it would crumble on my old Coleman spa. The bolts were big enough to bite into the small pilot holes I made, and no cracking. This is a much improved spa lift, over the last model we had. Appreciate the fast shipping too.

Cover Caddy Reviews

  1. The cover caddy was easy to put on the spa, once we figured out how to lever the spa up slightly to slip it under. Once in place, it seemed secure so we tested it out. Worked the first time, no adjustment needed.
  2. Looks a bit flimsy in the video, but it handles our cover well. I like how it holds the cover along the side of the spa. We replaced the cover at the same time, and maybe the new one is lighter, but this is a lot easier to manage than before.
  3. Cover Caddy was fast to set-up. I had to move the bottom plate at first, I didn’t have it centered. But installing it in under a minute still counts as fast to me!

Cover Rock-It Reviews

  1. “Rock-on cover rock-it! I can’t believe I went this long without a spa cover lifter thingy. It’s so easy now, I don’t need to get someone to help me remove the spa top!”
  2. “Just fold the cover, and step on the little lever and ‘pop’! The cover opens instantly. Very ingenious device. I shoulda thought of that!”
  3. “Best $100 I ever spent. I was so tired of struggling with our cover before. I’m also convinced that not using a spa cover might have led to our spa cover’s demise. No one will take the blame of course, but they don’t just break themselves!”

CoverMate Freestyle Reviewscovermate-freestyle

  1. “Not the cheapest spa cover lift made, but works well. My previous cover lift (same model) lasted almost exactly the same amount of time as the spa cover (5 years). Is that on purpose?”
  2. “Love the new cover lift that I ordered. So mush easier than the other style you have for round covers – I had that one before, and my cover would always fall off (roll-off), which is not good for your spa cover! We love it, thanks for sending.”
  3. “I very much appreciate the replacement spa lift. The first one was defective on the hinge, but this one has been working fine for 30 days. I told you I’d update you – I guess you could say we are happy with the replacement.”


Cover Rx Reviewscover-rx-spa-top-lift

  1. Works great on my Softub. No other cover lift can be used with these. Slid right under, worked immediately. THANKS!”
  2. On our traditional wood slat hot tub, we wanted something inexpensive and easy. The cover rx was the prescription! Tell thanks to Dr. Alea!”
  3. There’s not a lot of choice for spa cover lifters for aboveground round spas. This one, and another one that was twice as much money. Glad we went with this one – it’s simple to use and looks durable. It’s easy enough for an 81 yr old grand mom to use (that’s me!).”


I hope you enjoyed a look at some quick reviews for our most popular spa cover lifts. Full disclosure, I edited these reviews, some of them were quite long! I also didn’t include any negative reviews, but there were some.

If you have a review of your spa cover lifter, Good or Bad, leave it in the comments below, along with the Make and Model, to let others benefit from your experiences!

– Jack

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