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Save Water in your Hot Tub


How to Reduce Water Waste in Your Spa or Hot Tub

saving-water-is-coolEach year, one household uses about 127,000 gallons of water. Between washing machines, faucets, toilets and showers, we use more water than what is necessary. By using low-flow water fixtures on appliances, the amount of water saved, and the resulting decrease on your water bill are both huge. In fact, if you install water-saving toilets in your home, you can save 24,000 gallons of water! Together, Americans could save more than 4 billion dollars and 2 trillion gallons of water by using low-flow water fixtures.


So with this in mind lets look at a few ways hot tub owners can save money and save water in the operation of their hot tub.

  1. Use a thermal blanket on the hot tub. Cuts evaporation down by 40% and improves heat retention. Saving you money for heating expense and water use.
  2. Keep your spa maintained. Hot tubs which taken care of get drained less often. So use a system like Frog Floating System. Easy and takes the guess work out of it.
  3. Use a pre-filter to drain your hot tub, which will pull out the chlorine and other matter. You can direct the water to open areas or use directly on plants or lawn.
  4. Replace your hot tub cover if it becomes broken, water logged or deflected inward. Buy a quality spa cover and it will reduce heat and water loss.

Here’s a great infographic produced on other ways to save water around your home. Thanks @elocal!

Home Water Conservation Infographic


Tip: Drain your spa regularly, but maintain a healthy spa to avoid unnecessary and frequent spa draining.

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