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Reach Me Early For Your Spa Covers


movie-ticketsIf you ever need to get a hold of me, reach me early! I get into the office before 8am, and work until 4pm. One of the great things about getting in earlier than everyone is that there isn’t as much traffic. It is the same thing when I leave and I am still able to make business calls and handle additional work for that extra hour before businesses close.

But what makes me happiest about it is I am able to go to movie screenings. I love going to the movie and watching movies a year before they come out, for free makes me excited. In Southern California, you can almost always find a good movie screening, and I try to go to at least one per week. The only downside to movie screenings is that you have to get there early. Since I leave that extra hour early I normally don’t have any issues.

Thank you Hot Tub Works for letting me work hard and play hard at the same time.  SO – if you need anything, I’m here to help (but only from 8-4)!

~ Nick

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