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Pseudomonas and Hot Tub Folliculitis

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Itching to get into your Hot Tub?

With spring just days away many of us are just “itching” to get into our hot tubs. Longer days and warmer weather is perfect hot tub weather.

On a serious note; we may be itching to get into our tubs but we really do not want to come out of the tub all itchy! If you have not drained your water in over three months it really is a good idea to hold off the first soak until you drain the old stale water and do some spring cleaning.

Spring is a great time to give the tub a good cleaning. Flush out your jets with Leisure Time Jet Clean, give the shell a good scrub with Leisure Time Citrabright All-Purpose Spa Cleaner , protect and shine to the shell with Leisure Time Fast Gloss Spa Polish , deep clean your filters with Leisure Time Spa Filter Clean. Now you can safely enjoy a nice soak!

If you could not wait and you decided to get a soak or two in before draining and cleaning the tub and you find you are itchy when you get out, or see a rash develop,  DO NOT GET BACK INTO THE WATER UNTIL YOU DRAIN AND CLEAN THE TUB. Most people think that the chemicals in the water cause their skin to be dry and itchy, this is true only if the sanitizer level is way too high or if pH and Alkalinity are way out of balance.

The most likely cause for a rash from a spa is low sanitation. Using a hot tub with low or no sanitation can cause a condition called Folliculitis. Folloculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle caused by infection, chemical irritation, or physical injury. There are several different types of folliculitis, but a common type is called “hot tub” folliculitis, or pseudomonas folliculitis.

The rash of hot tub folliculitis consists of several small .5 – 3 cm red papules or wheals with a central pustule. The rash can erupt anywhere on the body that has been in contact with the contaminated water. Areas that are in contact with wet clothing tend to have more lesions. The rash usually resolves on its own in 7 to 10 days leaving a hyperpigmented lesion that resolves over months.

Some people experience fatigue in the first few days of the rash, but fever is uncommon. We strongly recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible for proper diagnoses and not using the hot tub until it is properly sanitized.

We have a complete “how to” section on how to take care of your hot tub on the site.

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