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How to Buy a Hot Tub Cover


When selecting a new hot tub cover, there are just two key factors to keep in mind when choosing the best spa cover for you and your tub. These are climate and durability.


Where do you live, is the first question I would ask. If you are familiar with the US growing zones, anything in growing zones 3-7 is going to need a thicker spa cover with denser foam. Less insulating spa covers can’t keep up when it gets really cold, which can lead to overwork by your spa heater, and that can hit you hard in the wallet each month.

We offer hot tub covers with 1lb foam, 1.5lb foam and 2lb foam. This refers to the density of the foam, or specifically the weight of 1 cubic foot of the closed cell foam. The more dense the foam is, the higher the R-Value of the spa cover. Hot tubs in deep southern US states, with warm average temperatures could use a 1lb or 1.5lb foam, but areas that see snowfall and colder winter temperatures need the insulation of a 1.5lb or 2 lb foam core.

Naturally the thickness of the foam core panels also plays into buying the best spa cover for your climate. Our tapered foam cores are thinner at the edge to help rain run off the edge, and for ease in handling. Choose from 3 cover thicknesses, or tapers of 4″ to 2″, 5″ to 3″, or 6″ to 4″. Like foam density above, warm southern areas could use a 5″ to 3″ taper, or maybe a 4″ to 2″, but areas that see snowfall and colder winter temperatures need the added insulation of 5-3″ or 6-4″ taper.

So, if you are in the snowbelt, or if you just want to save as much energy as possible, choose a new spa cover with 1.5lb or 2lb foam, with a 5-3″ or 6-4″ taper. Either our Ultra or The Works hot tub covers are best for covering spas in cold weather conditions. Even if your winter only gets a little frosty, and is usually mild, a thicker cover will pay you back every month, with reduced spa heating bills.


This is more of a subjective factor – what level of durability do you want to buy? I know people that always buy the best of everything, and I know people who always buy the lowest price, and there are those who try to strike a happy medium between. With 5 different spa cover models to choose from, you can select the level of durability, in a range of $279-$439, shipping included. We have cheap spa covers but we also have some of the best spa covers made.

All of our spa covers are made with the same sturdy 20 ga. steel support channel, and covered in 30 oz. marine grade vinyl, in any one of 11 colors. Our foam panels are vacuum wrapped and heat sealed, closed in with a heavy duty vinyl zipper and scrim. Seams are double-stitched and x-tacked at all corners. And with exception to our Standard spa cover with a 3-yr warranty, all of our spa covers have a full 5-year warranty.

In addition, our deluxe spa covers have such features as a continuous heat seal along the hinge, aka our ‘steam stopper’, a double-wrapped foam, heavy duty wind straps and an R-value of up to 30 for the most energy conscious spa owner. So if you want the best, go with the Ultra or The Works spa covers, and if you something good but not necessarily the most expensive, look at our Deluxe or Energy Saver spa covers.

For those of you worried about water absorption in the foam core, definitely get the double-wrap option to keep water out. If you have large dogs or playful children, I’d recommend the 6″ to 4″ taper for foam core strength. And if you live north of Mason-Dixon line, or anywhere that gets regular snowfall, go for a spa cover with 2 lb. foam density for extra efficiency.



I hope that I’ve simplified the complex – and made choosing the best spa cover an easier task. For best results, buy your new spa cover according to your climate and according to your durability expectations or desires.

Give us a call at 800-770-0292 or send an email for any other questions or concerns about which spa cover to buy. Ask for Carolyn, or speak to anyone if I’m not in the office. We’re here to help!


Carolyn Mosby
Hot Tub Works


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