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Helping Our Customers Save Money



Here at Hot Tub Works – we want to help our customers’ save money any way we can. One way we do this is by suggesting less expensive alternatives to maintain your hot tub.

For example; Replacement Spa Filters can be expensive. Especially when you feel stuck buying an OEM filter. Many spa manufactures’ tell their new spa owners that they must buy the OEM filter. Big secret… this is not the case and there is a cheaper way!


I was speaking to a new customer today who has been using the Eco-Pur filtration system (This is a two part spa filter system which can be very expensive). I suggested she use a one piece replacement cartridge filter instead of the two piece Eco-Pur and purchase a mineral cartridge like Nature2 separately, which can be placed inside of the one piece substitute . This combination will do the same thing as the Eco-Pur and save her lots of money! She was so excited.

We can sell you the OEM filter cartridge if you prefer, or if you are looking to save up to 50%, consider a quality replacement spa filter. They are constructed the same, with the same weight and density of fabric,  just without the designer name!

Call any of us here in customer service for suggestions on how you can save money! We love to help!

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