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Hot Tub Rule #1: Don’t crash into my hot tub!


Dude, you crashed into my TUB!


Don’t crash into my hot tub!

A Prescott Valley woman, Atrina Sprague, is in custody for allegedly driving her car into a hot tub outside a northern Arizona home.

Police said Tuesday that Sprague, 32, remains in the Yavapai County Jail. She’s being held on suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, criminal damage and endangerment.


Jeff Spicoli's Sister?


Police say a breath test showed Sprague had a blood-alcohol level of .23 percent – well above the 0.08 percent legal limit to operate a vehicle in Arizona.

Car that Prescott Valley, Ariz. Police Say Crashed into Outdoor Hot Tub (KPHO)

Residents of the Prescott Valley home told police they were woken up by a loud noise just after 2 a.m. Saturday, and discovered a car stuck in their spa. (Yes, they hate it when that happens)

They say the driver, Sprague, was apparently trying to leave, but couldn’t get the car off a hill.

I’m sure they will need a new Spa Cover.




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