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Hot Tub Party Tips


hot tub party tips

Hot Tub Parties –  just like any other party, except your guests are wet! Whether you like your hot tub party small, for just a few select couples, or if you throw whole house parties, with the spa available to the adventurous – this post is for you!

Having hosted my share of hot tub parties, for nearly any occasion, I’ve assembled some “best practices” for keeping spa party guests comfortable and safe.

Looking back over the years, I have become something of an expert hot tub hostess. Mistakes from early spa parties have not been repeated (although I will repeat them here), and my set-up and clean-up routines are faster every time.

Here’s my top tips for hosting a hot tub party, where all of your guests are comfortable.


The day before your spa party (not hours before), check and balance your spa chemistry. Make sure the pH is 7.4-7.6, to keep your sanitizer effective in the presence of possibly too-many spa users. Remove your spa filter and give it a heavy duty cleaning, so it can keep up with the bather load. Wipe down your spa, inside and out, and give it a quick vacuum to remove any grit or dirt. And to make sure it’s fresh, I like to use spa shock the night before, so that I know my spa is sanitary.

I also clean up the ground, or floor around the spa. It will become very wet, and if the floor is dirty, it tracks a lot of muck and yuck into the spa. There is one spot near my spa that is a real dirt magnet; I lay down an outdoor carpet in this area just before the party begins.

I almost forgot ~ Aromatherapy! Spa scents are a must for a spa party. I really love Spazazz Mood Crystals – Tropical Rain or Lavender being my favorites lately. For the uninitiated, they are just astounded that my spa smells so good!


For Food, if you can avoid it, keep the food out of the spa. Nothing is nastier than floating cheese snacks, and the oils that party snacks have will consume much of your sanitizer and clog up your spa filter. no-food-allowed-in-spa

At first, I had the food right next to the spa, then I moved it around 10 feet away (but still outside). After too many food messes, I now have the food inside of the house, and a cute sign made up to help people get the idea. Food and Spas don’t mix, so try to discourage food (and glass) from being near the spa.

For Drinks, I’m much less concerned about them in the spa, as they’re important to keep your guests from becoming hydrated. I keep a plastic water pitcher filled up, with plastic cups available. For those people that are using the spa – it’s crucial that they drink enough of water, especially if they are also drinking alcohol.


Crowd Control – Rotate your guests. Limit them to 30 mins, and keep tabs on how long people are in the spa. For some people, you have to “cut30mins them off”, especially if you have a large crowd of other people that may want to use the hot tub. But mainly for safety – so after 30 mins, I’ll find a way to suggest a “spa break”. Also, I like to encourage all ages and both sexes to use the spa, and if I notice that the spa seems “unbalanced”, I’ll suggest an open seat to others.

Not everyone is comfortable about their body, and at my hot tub parties, typically half of the people (women and men) opt to keep their street clothes on.Make them comfortable by not being pushy about using the spa. If most of your group is in the spa, take some time to entertain those that stay dry. Seating around the spa, benches or stools, are great for these land-lubbers, especially if the party is centered around your hot tub.

Have other activities nearby, to offer additional entertainment, other than the hot tub. Lawn Bowling anyone? Horseshoes? Even a deck of cards can be useful. An outdoor fire pit with lots of seating is always a crowd pleaser.

Towels! Lots of towels, hanging nearby are useful for not just drying off, but for covering up while taking a break from the spa (encourage short-term use, 15-20 minutes at a time).

no skinny dipping

Nudity? There have been times, when tops have come off, but to ensure everyone’s comfort, I post another sign near the spa. It gets a lot of giggles, but I let them know (in most cases) that the sign is real. Once clothes come off, I have found that things can quickly become tacky and embarrassing for many guests.


What’s a party without music? Most spa owners have already crossed this hurdle, and have set up some system to play some relaxing music to soak by. Party music should be a bit more upbeat, and mixed of many different genres. I typically play Pandora internet radio, set to shuffle among my pre-set stations. If I get a request, it’s easy to add another station.


Lighting in the spa can really set a mood. If your spa doesn’t have advanced color changing LED bulbs, you can float a few glow sticks in the spa to create a colorful glow, or hand out glow stick bracelets to your guests. Outside the spa, you can light some candles, use tiki torches, or turn on some exterior lights that aren’t too bright, but bright enough to light the way.


Safety is important for many reasons, and most importantly to prevent accidents around your spa or hot tub. Here’s a list of spa safety tips.

  • Check that your spa drain covers are securely attached, to prevent entrapment.
  • Limit your guests to 30 minutes max in the tub. After a break of 15 minutes, a guest can return.
  • Alcohol is intensified in a hot tub. Try to limit your guests to one drink per hour, if possible.
  • Help your guests in and out of the tub. Coming out of a spa makes one lightheaded.
  • No glass allowed near the hot tub (and no food!).
  • Use outdoor carpets for wet spots on the floor.

So, that’s it – my tried and true secrets of spa party success! Follow these simple tips and you’ll enjoy being the hot tub host (or hostess)!


Gina Galvin
Hot Tub Works


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