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Hot Tub Covers Spa Covers Rebates


fist-full-of-dollarsThis rebate program for hot tub covers or spa covers is from Nicor Gas Company:

Rebate Information – Spa Covers

Cash rebates are available to eligible Nicor Gas business customers for the Pool/Spa Covers meeting the following requirements. Purchases and installations must be completed October 7, 2011 through May 31, 2014 to qualify.

To see Nicor’s Company information click here: rebate

nicor-rebate for spa covers

Pool/Spa Covers

  • Cover must be installed on a commercial-use pool or spa that is heated with gas-fired equipment.
  • Cover must be installed on a pool/spa that currently does not have a cover, or has a cover that requires replacement.
  • Pool or spa must be located in a non-residential space (Indoor or Outdoor).
  • Rebate amount is determined by the pool/spa location, as listed above. Rebates are paid on a per square foot installed basis and will not exceed the total cost of the cover.

General Requirements

Installations must meet all equipment-specific, energy efficiency and Program requirements outlined below.

All equipment and products must:

    • Be installed in an existing, non-residential space.
    • New! New construction is not eligible.
    • Be purchased new. Resale equipment, new parts installed in existing equipment, or equipment that is leased, rebuilt, rented, received from insurance claims or won as a prize do not qualify.
    • Be installed conforming to all applicable building, local and state codes, and manufacturer specifications. Professional installation is strongly encouraged, but is not required.
    • Be installed and operational prior to submittal of this application at the address listed on the application.
    • New! Be installed in a property owned by the applicant, or the applicant must receive permission from the property owner to install the equipment. If you do not own the property where the equipment or product is being installed, as a tenant you are responsible for obtaining the property owner’s permission to install the equipment or product for which you are applying for a rebate. Your submission of a rebate application indicates that you have obtained this permission.

Pool/spa covers must be purchased and installed October, 7 2011 – May 31, 2014.

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