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Hot Tub Covers Save Water and Energy



We help people save energy and water with our hot tub covers. In fact our covers were approved by Oregon Energy Trust for a $100 rebate because we can save up to 40% of energy with our energy saving hot tub covers.

That being said, there are many other ways to save around the home.

Learning to conserve water and energy is very important. As humans, we tend to over-consume, leading to unacceptable amounts of waste. Living sustainable starts in your home. Between showering, laundry, running your spa and lighting the rooms of your house, we waste energy every single day. However, there are many ways you can start saving today.

Adapting to taking shorter, “efficient” showers and using less lighting, can be very beneficial. Another effective way to conserve is by updating your old appliances to low-flow, energy efficient, or water conserving equipment. By using less and updating your appliances, you can quickly conserve a lot and lower your bills!

Let’s take a closer look with this Acting Green vs. Buying Green:


Energy and Water Efficient Spa & Hot Tub Operation

  • Keep your spa cover in good condition, and well fitted.
  • Reduce temperature during times it’s unused.
  • Use low speed only unless you’re using the spa
  • Keep your spa filter clean. Replace the cartridge annually.


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