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Hot Tub Covers – How to Order a Spa Cover


Hot Tub Covers Are Easy To Order


Hot tubs are a steamy water tub that makes your body and mind relax, healing and soothe. Your system of spa treatment involves and requires some other accessories. If you are looking for a replacement hot tub cover, here’s some help on how to order replacement spa covers.

First, you must perform some measurements. You can be confused about what you should measure, the size of your spa or the size of the cabinet where the tub fits. Measure to the outside of your spa shell (not the cabinet). On our section for ordering spa covers, you can order by Manufacturer; make and model – or you can order by spa shape. Once you select shape, you will be asked to enter a few dimensions.


Enter Dimensions

Be precise in your measurements, and enter in the exact measurements, from outer edge (of spa) to the opposite outer edge. Be sure to measure at right angles to the spa. A rigid measuring tape is best.

Enter in the exact decimal measurement (e.g. 84.25) onto the spa cover order form page, Step 2.

enter the dimensions, right on our website

Select Color

Just below the area for entering measurements, you can select the color of your new spa cover. Choose a color that appeals to you, or matches the surrounding decor.


Make your selection for the type of insulation that you want your spa cover to have. The foam core of your spa affects the strength and the insulation value (R-value) of your spa cover. Thicker foam cores will give your spa cover more durability and heat retention than thinner foam cores.

Continuous Heat Seal

A continuous heat seal protects your foam core from taking in moisture, by blocking any point of access through the fold. Standard spa covers have a continuous seal on each side of the fold, and this added protection also seals up the fold, when the two halves are joined together. I would recommend this add-on option.

Double Wrapped Core

Having your foam core wrapped with two layers of moisture protection helps ensure a longer life spa cover, by having two barriers to keep out moisture longer.

Heavy Duty Windstrap

This option allows you to secure the cover with heavy duty straps that are double sewn. All covers includes straps, but if you want extra strong straps, for high wind areas or just for extra spa security, select this option.

People say that our online process of ordering a spa cover is easier than others. I hope so, we work hard to make our online utility very user friendly!

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