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Hot Tub Covers for Marquis Reward


The Make-A-Wish Spa

Marquis make-a-wish spa

We often get calls for spa covers for model so I wanted to post to make it available for all. It’s a hard cover to make by hand but since we use CAD files for all covers its as easy as a square hot tub cover.

So if you have a Marquis Reward Spa, or think you might – the drawing below will help you verify exactly that this is your model.

This model was also known as their “Make A Wish” model and I believe one of the most popular models.

Marquis Spas are great hot tubs made in Oregon and have been making spas or hot tubs for about 25 years.

The company is known for great filtration and solid customer service.  The one down side is they have a very limited number of spa dealers.

We find they have most dealer coverage in the North West which makes sense because that’s their backyard.

If you have a Marquis Spa and are looking for a spa cover but a different model, here is a list of all the models: Marquis Spa Covers

If you do not have the Marquis Make a Wish Spa – but are looking for a new spa cover or hot tub cover, you can order any shape or model of spa cover here : Spa Covers


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