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Green Hot Tub Covers


custom-spa-coversGreat article on Hot Tub Covers saving energy. A good spa cover can save up to 75% of water loss and cut operation costs down 50%.

Because of the costly expenses that arise from owning, running and maintaining a spa or hot tub, it helps to have a quality spa cover. With an easy to operate vinyl cover, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption. This is because such spa covers and hot tub covers enable you to enjoy reduced water heating times which will help you save on power costs, while also ensuring that your spa remains protected from the elements.

The great news is that you don’t have to quit using your spa altogether in order to do your part in taking care of the planet. Our hot tub covers tend to be much more eco-friendly when the time comes to discard them. As such, opting for such a cover will enable you to reduce your trash, waste and consequently your contribution to landfills.

With a quality spa cover, you will also be able to reduce evaporation thereby saving up to 75% on the water you use. Such spa covers also come with padded seals which enable you to minimize the amount of heat loss from your unit. The covers also help to keep your unit clean from debris that could fall inside. Another reason for choosing a good quality spa cover is that this will help you to significantly boost the safety of children or pets while near the spa or hot tub.

A top quality spa cover or hot tub cover will also prolong the lifespan of your spa or hot tub. Some of the features to look for in top quality spa covers and hot tub covers include rust proof zips, double stitching and padded seals. With a durable spa cover, you are also able to do your bit in reducing landfill waste that emanates from replaced spa parts, as you will be able to use your spa for a longer time before you need to replace any of its parts. You can then enjoy your spa or hot tub with the knowledge that your carbon footprint has been significantly reduced.

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