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Going Green For Hot Tub Covers


Not THAT kind of Green Spa or Hot Tub!

Not THAT kind of Green Spa or Hot Tub! Recently we crossed another milestone – our spa and hot tub cover production reached the very exciting new level of 500,000 hot tub covers manufactured. The growth over the last seven years has not been easy but it has been rewarding. We have been able to create more jobs, buy more raw materials, and provide more shipping contracts for all of our domestic partners.

One of the aspects that we are most proud of our operation is the technology we have invested in. All raw materials in our production facility are cut by automated machines, making our waste the lowest possible, creating a safe work place, and the greenest operation in our industry. Our order processing system is state of the art, and updates me on each order every 15 minutes. By using computer and industrial technologies, we have lowered our energy consumption and been able to produce higher quality hot tub covers (which protect hot tubs from wasting energy!).

And also quite recently, our hot tub covers were awarded the Energy Trust certification by Oregon. This means our Ultra and Works spa cover models exceed their energy savings guide lines. Oregon Energy Trust has created a rebate program for residents of Oregon to receive a rebate of $100 dollars on one of our Ultra and Works spa covers. The rebate is awarded because these spa covers save energy. They not only reduce demands for electricity but also have a big impact to the operational costs and energy bills for the home owner. It’s great program and we are proud to be involved.

Here is the Energy Trust Program:

Energy-efficient spa covers can save money and last longer

Energy-efficient outdoor spa covers save energy by slowing unwanted air escape or intrusion between outdoor air and the heated water in your spa. Covers also keep debris out, decreasing demand on your heating, filtration and pumping components. Energy-efficient spa covers are framed and fully insulated—even at the folding seam—which helps you use less energy to maintain the temperature of your water, even when your spa is not in use, or is in standby mode.

Energy Trust offers a cash incentive for energy-efficient spa covers.

Energy Trust Incentives

Outdoor spa cover: $100 rebate

To qualify for this incentive:

  • Outdoor spa cover must be purchased through Energy Trust’s list of participating retailers.
  • Spa unit must be located outside and be heated with electricity or natural gas
  • Spa cover with air chambers must be at least two inches thick at all points; spa cover with a foam core must be at least three inches thick at all points
  • Spa cover should be one continuous piece, insulated to a minimum R-12, or a folding spa cover must have a hinge insulated to a minimum R-12

Oregon customers primarily heating their spa with electricity or natural gas from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas can participate.

Oregon homes that heat with oil, propane, kerosene, butane or wood can conduct their own energy audit and apply for cash rebates for installed weatherization upgrades through the Oregon Department of Energy’s SHOW (State Home Oil Weatherization) program.

Energy Trust does not pay incentives for energy-efficient improvements that are mandated for building code compliance, such as remodeling, renovation or new additions to the home.


Follow these easy steps to get cash for purchasing an outdoor spa cover:

1: Establish your eligibility

2: Purchase a qualified outdoor spa cover from a participating retailer (Like HotTubWorks!)

3: Sign and submit your application within 90 days of purchase.

Mail or fax your signed and completed application, participating retailer receipt and manufacturer packaging slip to:

Energy Trust of Oregon
Existing Homes
P.O. Box 40508
Portland, OR 97240

Fax: 1.866.516.7592

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