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Cal Spas is Quick to Respond to Hot Tub Buyers


cal-spas-coversI saw this release this morning.  Many industry people will be quick to speak of Cal Spas in a “Not so Kind” light, but the fact remains they respond to consumer trends quicker than anyone.

So, from my perspective if a company produces a product that is “green” and also happens to be a great bang for buck, that’s a winner.  Now it’s up to their dealers to provide the service and that’s where the bad or good reputation really happens.

If you are shopping for hot tub – shop a few different dealers and brands, and you’ll know whats best for you.  The release is below.

Cal Spas Launches Eco-Conscious Hot Tub Line

Hot Tub Giant introduces Gen II™, an energy-efficient acrylic hot tub series

Los Angeles, CA—(April 11, 2011)

Cal Spas, the world leader in stylish, Home Resort products is pleased to announce the launch of the Gen II™ Spa Series, an efficient entry-level “Plug & Play” hot tub lineup.

“At Cal Spas, we are constantly driving to meet the demands of the consumer market,” said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Spas. “After months of market research we found that consumers are seeking eco-conscious products that fit their lifestyle and budget. We launched the Gen II™ Spa Series because it meets the demands of over 60 percent of the market by offering an efficient, high performance entry-level hot tub with a budget-friendly price tag. The Gen II™ Spa Series is ideal for consumers that want to purchase a hot tub to enhance their lifestyle without ‘breaking the bank’.”

The Gen II™ Spa Series includes four exclusive models and is the most efficient and cost-effective full-size, acrylic hot tub series in the industry. It features a high performance one-of-a-kind 1.5 HP pump, offered exclusively through Cal Spas, that lowers energy costs by efficiently circulating and filtering 100 percent of the spa water. The Gen II™ is also equipped with a convenient “Plug & Play” kit, which reduces installation costs. With the “Plug & Play” kit, Gen II™ hot tubs are easily installed without the expense of an electrician since consumers can simply fill up a Gen II™ hot tub and plug it into any working electrical socket prior to use.



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