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Jacuzzi Spa Filters 1980-2010

Spa Year   Model 2000-498 HTF-2716 HTF-1330 HTF-2715 2540-389 HTF-2781 2540-387 HTF-2800 HTF-2390
Before 2002 Any
2003-04 Del Sol
2005+ J-210
2005+ J-220
2005-2007 J-230
2008+ J-230
2007+ J-270
2007+ J-280
Before 2005 J-300 Series
2005+ J-300 (w/ Cap)
2008 J-460
2006-07 J-460
2006+ J-465 1/07-4/07
2006+ J-470
2006+ J-480
Before 2005 J-400 Series
2009+ J-400 Series

Sundance Filter Matrix 1990-1999



Spa Model (1) HTF-2386 (1) HTF-2387 HTF-2390 HTF-2730 HTF-2740 HTF-0161 HTF-2790 HTF-2710 HTF-1630
All Allergo
1998-1999 Altamar
1998-1999 Aspen
1998-1999 Autin
1990-1991 Cabaret
1990-1994 Calypso 1993-1994 Mid 1990 1990-92
1995-1999 Calypso I / and II
1991-1994 Cameo
1990 Cameo Jr.
1990 Cameo Jr. Jamb.
1990 Cameo SE
1993-1999 Capri 1993-1994 1995-1999
1998 Cheyenne
1995-1997 Corum
1990-1991 Gemini 1990 1991
1998-1999 Hartford
All Liberty
1990-1991 Los Cabos 1990 1991
1998-1999 Madison
1990-1991 Mardi Gras 1990 1991
1990-1999 Marin 1990 1993-1994 1995-1999 1991-1992
1990-1999 Maxxus 1991-1994 1995-1999
1991 Montego Mid Year
1993 Mid 1993
1993-1999 1993-1996 1997-1999
1998-1999 Olympia
1995-1999 Optima
1991 Rio Mid 1991
1992-1994 1992-1994 Mid 1992
1987-1997 Royal 1990 1991-199 1995-1997
1994 Suntub
1990-1991 Supra Lounger 1990 1991
1991-1999 Tango Mid 1991 1991-99
1998-1999 Telluride
1998-1999 Vail


Click here for all hot tub filters or spa filters.



Sundance Spas Filters 2006-Current



Spa Year Spa Model HTF-0315 HTF-2390 HTF-2385 HTF-2770 HTF-6540-507 HTF-2780 HTF-6541-397 HTF-2810 w/ HTF-6540-502
2006 Altamar
2006 Bahia
2006-2007 Burlington
2006 Cameo
2006 Capri
2006 Caprio/ Caprio ST
2006 Cayman
2007+ Camden
2007+ Certa
2007+ Chelsee
2006+ Denali
2008+ Dover
2007+ Hamilton
2007+ Hartford
2007+ Hawthorne
2006 Majesta
2006 Marin
2006 Maxxus
2006-2007 Metro
2006 Optima
2006 Palermo
2006-2007 Solo
2006+ Tacoma

Filter Matrix Hot Springs Spas


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our filter cartridges page to search by part number, dimensions or manufacturer.

Spa Year Spa Model HTF-73178 20204 20807 HTF-0161 HTF-3915 HTF-3960 HTF-3910 HTF-3930 HTF-3915 w/ Standpipe
2004+ Vista
1987-1988 Grandee
2004+ Envoy
2001+ Vanguard
1984-1988 Sovereign
2005+ Accolade
1984-1989 Prodigy
1985-1989 Jetsetter
1995-2003 Landmark
1989-1990 Highlife
1980-1984 Classic
1995-1997 Summit
2003+ Caspian
1992-1999 Siberian / Khyber
1992+ Bengal / Manora
1992+ Sumatran / Tondi
2003+ Solana RX
2003+ Solana SX
2003+ Solana TX

Reach Me Early For Your Spa Covers


movie-ticketsIf you ever need to get a hold of me, reach me early! I get into the office before 8am, and work until 4pm. One of the great things about getting in earlier than everyone is that there isn’t as much traffic. It is the same thing when I leave and I am still able to make business calls and handle additional work for that extra hour before businesses close.

But what makes me happiest about it is I am able to go to movie screenings. I love going to the movie and watching movies a year before they come out, for free makes me excited. In Southern California, you can almost always find a good movie screening, and I try to go to at least one per week. The only downside to movie screenings is that you have to get there early. Since I leave that extra hour early I normally don’t have any issues.

Thank you Hot Tub Works for letting me work hard and play hard at the same time.  SO – if you need anything, I’m here to help (but only from 8-4)!

~ Nick

Favorite Hot Tub Aromatherapy Products


Hot Tub Scents




My favorite sets of items that we have on the site are the 2 lb. containers of spa crystals. Not only do they come with a little measuring cup but the scents are my favorite out of the aromatherapy items that we sell on the site.

The Eucalyptus has an earthy eucalyptus scent, the lavender has a scent almost like fresh laundry with a hint of lavender, the jasmine has a vanilla scent with a hint of jasmine, the cucumber melon has a sweet fruity scent, and the lime basil mandarin is the lightest scent and has a hint of citrus.

My most favorite scent is pomegranate. It has a strong fruit smell and reminds me of the scent of jolly rancher candy.

I love these crystals because not only could you use them in your hot tub but they are also great to use in a bath as well. If you want to learn even more about these items please give us a call and we could answer any of your questions.


Spa Hot Tub Pre-Filter to Ensure Clean, Easy to Maintain Water


Using a Pre-Filter on your Spa Fill Water

One of the most important things that you could do to take care of your hot tub water is to ensure that all the build-up and particulates in the water are removed. This will help prevent staining on the hot tub surface and it will allow you to maintain chemical levels in the water.

This is especially important if you are using well water because of the extra metals and build-up inherent in the water. The best thing to use to accomplish this is to purchase a pre-filter.

We have a good pre-filter on our site for use when filling your spa.  HTF-3128, this spa prefilter can be used for several fills and will remove particles in the water up to .5 of a micron (that’s small!).  Just connect it to your garden hose, and it filters the water before it goes into your spa or hot tub.

If you have any further questions on either of these pre-filters please give us a call.


The Difference Between Spa Filters



One common question that I get about spa filters is the difference between different cartridge numbers that have the same measurements. An example of this would be the difference between the HTF-0196 and HTF-0195.

When you look at the description of the HTF-0196 you will see it says 35 SF and under the HTF-0195 you will see 50 SF. What that is referring to is the square footage of fabric that the spa filter contains.The HTF-0195, with 50 sq ft. of fabric, has more pleats per inch, and more surface area for which to filter with.

So if you look at the pictures of both spa filters you will notice that the HTF-0195 has more pleats (folds) than the HTF-0196. This means that the HTF-0195 will filter more efficiently.

This situation comes up with a lot of other filters on our site so keep this in mind when you’re searching for the correct spa filter.

And as always don’t hesitate to call in; we are always here to help you.



Identify Your Spa Part or Hot Tub Part


spa pumps and motors


One of the hardest things about selling spa parts for the spa industry is that there are 1,000s upon 1,000s of spa parts from all kinds of different manufacturers. Because of this, it has been very difficult to have all of those parts listed on our site.

In most circumstances, however, we can get you the spa part you need, even when you can’t find it on our website, or even on any website.For example. most Hot Springs, Sundance, Jacuzzi, and Balboa parts aren’t listed on our site but we have extensive catalogs and databases we can use to locate these parts for you.

Another place on our site that doesn’t always have every part listed is the Spa Jet section. Most jets come in a variety of colors and textures. Because of that we don’t have the ability to have all of these jets on our site but if you happen to be in this section and find a jet that looks similar to yours but perhaps isn’t the right color don’t hesitate to call in or send us an email. Most likely we will have the jet that you need available.

We can even obtain parts officially de-listed as Obsolete, when stock still exists in distribution. Many times, a comparable part used and made by a different manufacturer may work for older, de-listed and obsolete spa parts.

And then there are just those hot tub parts that are from smaller manufacturers, from very old spas or maybe you just don’t know where to look. The best thing to do in those situations is to email us a picture along with the measurements and any numbers that happen to be listed on the part. From there our experienced technicians and staff should be able to match the part for you.

So again – if you’re looking for a hot tub part, no matter how rare, or difficult it is to find – we are here to help you find the correct spa parts – fast!


Installing a Spa or Hot Tub Ozone Injector


One of the greatest items to ever come out for a hot tub has to be a spa ozonator. They have the ability to kill the majority of the bacteria in the water as well as significantly reduce the amount of other chemicals that have to be used in the water. The only problem is that it is very difficult to disperse the O3 gas into the system if you aren’t pre plumbed for ozone.

We were getting so many calls for this that we actually built a spa ozone injector kit that will allow the ozone to be injected into the water in a way that is even more effective than if your spa was actually pre plumbed for ozone.

To install the spa injector kit, locate a length of pipe AFTER the filter and heater where you install the manifold in an upright position, as shown below. It measures approximately 15″ long and 5″ tall, so you need a clear section of pipe that’s around 16″ that you can cut into. In cases where there is no room, you may have to reroute the return line slightly, to create the space needed for the ozone manifold.ozone-injection-manifold

After locating a suitable location, all you do is cut the ozone venturi manifold (shown above) into your plumbing with a hacksaw. The pipe that is cut out should be about 3″ shorter than the overall length of the manifold, so the pipe will slip into both ends of the manifold, 1.5″ on each side.

Use pipe cleaner or primer and then glue the manifold in place with fresh PVC glue. Connect your new spa ozonator hose to the injector and you’re ready to go. The Ozonator unit should be mounted somewhere nearby, in reach of the ozone hose.

I get calls all the time where people are asking for an ozonator and they don’t even realize that it has to be pre plumbed and you could hear the defeat in their voice when I ask. But then when I tell them we have a device that will allow them to use the ozonator you could hear them perk up again. It’s a good feeling to know that we could help people find what they are looking for when they don’t even know they needed it.

So if you ever have any questions about ozone or the different ozone systems or injection manifolds that we have available – don’t hesitate to call, we at are here to help you out.