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The Perfect Get Well Gift – Spa Aromatherapy


Rx Crystals - Detox Therapy

If the cold and flu have got you down – try Detox Therapy!

April is here and in Southern California that means unpredictable weather. One day it can be sunny and over 80 degrees then the next day cool and cloudy with a high of 60 degrees.

Unpredictable weather usually means the predictable spring cold. Boy did I get one! The cold came with fever, aches, sore throat and cough. Other than cold medicine and sleep the only relief I found was a soak in the tub. I tried for the first time Our Spazazz RX Crystals.

I used the Respiratory Therapy Crystals and the Muscle Therapy Crystals. Wow is all I can say! Both of these really worked well. I used both of these in the bath tub and I recommend them to anyone who gets a Spring Cold like I did.

Tonight I plan on trying the Joint Therapy Crystals. I also think this trio would make the perfect “get well” gift for any friend or family member who gets sick.

Why use MPS-Shock In a Spa or Hot Tub


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “why use Non-Chlorine Spa Shock?”

Zodiac Cense - Shock and Aromatherapy in One! - Multi-Pack

In order to answer this question we need to understand what sanitizer does and this will help you understand why it is important to add shock at all.

Sanitizing your spa water is the most important spa maintenance you can do for yourself. Soaking in a spa is like taking a bath however you do not drain the spa when you are done like you would your bath tub. The warm water of hot tubs provides an ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful microorganisms. If we do not maintain an effective sanitizer system to control them, bacteria from our bodies, as well as airborne mold spores, algae, and even viruses can find their way into the water.

A Sanitizer such as Chlorine, Bromine, Nature2 or Spa Frog is used to destroy these microorganisms and keep the spa water safe and healthy. When using a Sanitizer alone the sanitizer has to do two jobs. The first is to destroy microorganisms and the second is to oxidize (burn up) the dead organic material left behind in your water, as well as non-filterable material such as dirt, soap films, hair spray and perspiration. That is a lot of work for the sanitizer to do.

MPS Shock (MonoPeroxySulfate) is a non-chlorine compound that will do the job of oxidizing allowing the sanitizer to do the more important job of destroying the microorganisms. Regardless of which sanitizer you use, shocking is essential for clear, clean hot tub water. It will also allow your sanitizer to perform at peak efficiency.


Top Ten Spa Cover Care Tips




One of the most frequently asked questions I get from our customers is how to take care of a new spa cover. Here’s my list of ten tips to increase the lifespan of a new spa cover.

If you have any spa cover care tips of your own, leave them below in the comments! Or, make your own list of Do’s and Dont’s for hot tub covers, ways to increase their lifespan.


Ten Hot Tub Cover Care Tips

  1. Clean your spa cover monthly with mild liquid dish soap or hand soap diluted in water. Hose the cover off, and use an old towel to dry.
  2. Use cover wipes like our 303 Spa Cover Wipes, or apply a vinyl conditioner like Vinyl Protectant or Spa Cover Conditioner and Protector.
  3. Do not use an abrasive sponge. Use a small, clean hand towel, regular sponge or soft bristled brush.
  4. Use a Spa Cover lifter, to avoid damage while moving it, or while stored.
  5. Keep your spa cover latched while it’s on; use Wind Straps in areas of high winds or hurricanes.
  6. Remove your spa cover for an hour, at least twice weekly, to allow it to “gas off” and dry out.
  7. If you have Tree Sap on the cover you can remove this by rubbing some vegetable oil on the sap.
  8. Mildew can be removed with a vinegar solution cleaning, rinsing, and a thorough drying.
  9. Don’t allow kids or large animals to stand or sit on the spa cover.
  10. Remove snow accumulation of more than 12 inches.

Mildew Growth in Spa Covers

Vinyl protectants have ingredients designed to protect your cover from the sun’s rays so that your spa cover will look great for many years. But beneath the vinyl, mildew can appear on spa covers, when conditions are right.

The underside of the cover is made to withstand the harsh chemical environment it is exposed to but should be removed weekly from the spa, to allow it to dry. It is also important to keep the spa water balanced, and with proper sanitizer levels. These two things will inhibit growth of mildew.

Most hot tub owners use their hot tub at least 3 times a week which allows the cover to be exposed to air. If you do not use your tub as often make sure to open the cover up at least twice a week and allow the cover as well as the water to breathe.

There is nothing organic in the spa cover to grow mildew, so if mildew does appear it is due to improper chemical levels or not airing out the tub cover enough. If you do get mildew try swabbing the area with vinegar and laying the cover in the sun for a day.

In extreme cases, you’ll want to unzip the cover, to allow cleaning inside of the fabric and of the foam core, applying the vinegar solution internally. Stand the spa cover in an upside-down “V” shape. preferably in the sun, on a warm and dry day.

With simple maintenance you can further extend the life of your new spa cover.


Pseudomonas and Hot Tub Folliculitis

Leisure Time Free System 6 Month Kit

Itching to get into your Hot Tub?

With spring just days away many of us are just “itching” to get into our hot tubs. Longer days and warmer weather is perfect hot tub weather.

On a serious note; we may be itching to get into our tubs but we really do not want to come out of the tub all itchy! If you have not drained your water in over three months it really is a good idea to hold off the first soak until you drain the old stale water and do some spring cleaning.

Spring is a great time to give the tub a good cleaning. Flush out your jets with Leisure Time Jet Clean, give the shell a good scrub with Leisure Time Citrabright All-Purpose Spa Cleaner , protect and shine to the shell with Leisure Time Fast Gloss Spa Polish , deep clean your filters with Leisure Time Spa Filter Clean. Now you can safely enjoy a nice soak!

If you could not wait and you decided to get a soak or two in before draining and cleaning the tub and you find you are itchy when you get out, or see a rash develop,  DO NOT GET BACK INTO THE WATER UNTIL YOU DRAIN AND CLEAN THE TUB. Most people think that the chemicals in the water cause their skin to be dry and itchy, this is true only if the sanitizer level is way too high or if pH and Alkalinity are way out of balance.

The most likely cause for a rash from a spa is low sanitation. Using a hot tub with low or no sanitation can cause a condition called Folliculitis. Folloculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle caused by infection, chemical irritation, or physical injury. There are several different types of folliculitis, but a common type is called “hot tub” folliculitis, or pseudomonas folliculitis.

The rash of hot tub folliculitis consists of several small .5 – 3 cm red papules or wheals with a central pustule. The rash can erupt anywhere on the body that has been in contact with the contaminated water. Areas that are in contact with wet clothing tend to have more lesions. The rash usually resolves on its own in 7 to 10 days leaving a hyperpigmented lesion that resolves over months.

Some people experience fatigue in the first few days of the rash, but fever is uncommon. We strongly recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible for proper diagnoses and not using the hot tub until it is properly sanitized.

We have a complete “how to” section on how to take care of your hot tub on the site.

Helping Our Customers Save Money



Here at Hot Tub Works – we want to help our customers’ save money any way we can. One way we do this is by suggesting less expensive alternatives to maintain your hot tub.

For example; Replacement Spa Filters can be expensive. Especially when you feel stuck buying an OEM filter. Many spa manufactures’ tell their new spa owners that they must buy the OEM filter. Big secret… this is not the case and there is a cheaper way!


I was speaking to a new customer today who has been using the Eco-Pur filtration system (This is a two part spa filter system which can be very expensive). I suggested she use a one piece replacement cartridge filter instead of the two piece Eco-Pur and purchase a mineral cartridge like Nature2 separately, which can be placed inside of the one piece substitute . This combination will do the same thing as the Eco-Pur and save her lots of money! She was so excited.

We can sell you the OEM filter cartridge if you prefer, or if you are looking to save up to 50%, consider a quality replacement spa filter. They are constructed the same, with the same weight and density of fabric,  just without the designer name!

Call any of us here in customer service for suggestions on how you can save money! We love to help!

The Soak is Always Better on the Other Side…


soak in a spa - hot tubs are great no matter where they areAlthough I live in beautiful Southern California and the weather is usually amazing, I found myself becoming envious of our customers living in the Mid-West and North-East.

It always sounded crazy to me that anyone would go into their hot tub when it is freezing outside. So I had to ask why? My first thought was I would never go out in freezing weather to get in my hot tub. As it was explained why and described to me how wonderful it is to be in the warm water while snow is falling from the sky I could feel myself “turning green” with envy.

One customer mentioned that while soaking in her lavender scented water not only can she enjoy the snow falling on her head, she has seen comets fly by.

Another customer mentioned how he watches the sunrise over snow covered trees while safe and warm in his hot tub. He actually eats breakfast and drinks coffee in his tub hot every morning. He was buying a new Spa Caddy to hold his morning meal.

Now, California may have nice weather but I want to see comets fly by, snow fall on my head and the sun rise over snow covered trees while safe and warm in my hot tub.

I guess the soak is always better on the other side.