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A Spa Cover / Hot Tub Cover is like a Refrigerator Door


Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers are like a Refrigerator Door

refrigSometimes when you think you have heard every analogy about your work you get struck by a simple but brilliant illustration for what we provide.

Friday morning I was listening to Brian, a Jedi Spa Technician here at, conduct a training on new spa packs. One of the customer service team members asked a simple question, “How quick will a new spa pack heat up the spa?” which I thought was good question indicating they were earnestly learning about the technical side of our work.

Brian answers the question with an answer most of us know well, “How quickly the hot tub heats up depends on the cover”.  The answer causes the 14 people in the training to nod with common understanding of how important the spa cover / hot tub cover is for retaining heat.  But then Brian states “A hot tub cover / spa cover is like a refrigerator door, and an old spa cover is just like leaving the refrigerator door open”.

Now I should admit, I love a good analogy more than average guy, but I thought that was just about the best example in simple terms I had ever heard for a spa cover. Spare me the over scientific explanations of how the R-factor slouches with time and how the moisture embeds itself in the foam cores to mitigate the efficiency. Give me the straight forward gut-based analogy for what we do…

Thanks Brian.

– Jerry

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