Video Playback Help

On-line playback requires a Flash player which most computers have pre-installed. To get a free Flash player or to upgrade to the latest version, please visit Adobe.

If the video playback is jerky, push the stop button and wait for the progress indicator to advance at least 1/4" before pushing the play button again.

If the video won't play:

  1. Internet Explorer users please click the video once to activate it then click again to play or use the video controls.
  2. Your connection may not be fast enough. As an alternative, you can download the videos to watch them offline. We offer the two most popular formats for this, QuickTime and Windows Media. Scroll down below the video screen to see the download options.
  3. You may be blocked by a firewall. To get around this, you can adjust your firewall settings to permit streaming media. Please see the help section from your Firewall software manufacturer. Or, you can try to download the videos to play later (see above).

Other video playback problems?
Please contact us to report any other playback problems.