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Spa Plumbing Parts

Hot tub plumbing repairs just got easier! We carry a huge stock of spa plumbing parts to make repairs to Air hose and Water pipes surrounding your hot tub.

Spas and hot tub plumbing is a huge product category and more than just pipe and plumbing fittings. Here you will find air system controls - knobs, controls, buttons and injectors. To connect your spa plumbing all together, we have spa manifolds, valves, Unions, skimmers and drains.

Browse below to see the largest selection of Air Controls, Air Injectors, Bond & Seal, Buttons, Fittings & Suction, Hoses & Tubing, Kits, Manifolds, Skimmers, Thermowells, Unions, and Valves.

Select your plumbing parts from these types:

Air Controls Air Injectors Bond & Seal Buttons Fittings and Suction Hoses & Tubing Kits Manifolds Skimmers Thermowells Unions Valves

AIR CONTROLS: Air controls are the round air intake caps that are installed spa side on jetted tubs and spas to allow air to be drawn into the spa jets. Complete air controls include the cap or knob, gasket and lock ring to secure it beneath the tub or spa shell. Connects to spa jet via clear vinyl hose. We carry Air Controls by Balboa, Hydro-Air, Waterway to fit nearly any spa model.

AIR INJECTORS: Air injectors are the round caps in the spa floor or on bench seats that distribute air from the blower. Complete air injectors and ozone injector assemblies include the Body with Air hose connection, Gasket, and the Diffuser head. We carry Air Injectors by Balboa, Hydro-Air, and Waterway to fit nearly any spa model.

BOND & SEAL: Here is where we have heavy duty PVC cement for use with flex or rigid PVC pipe. We also carry several useful sealants to stop small leaks around spas and hot tubs.

AIR BUTTONS: Air Buttons are used to operate Air Switches for control of pump, heater or lighting. Primarily found on older spas, or spas using air activated control system. Air buttons should match your hose size (usually 1/8 in. air hose), and hole size (the hole in spa or cabinet for mounting). We carry dozens from Len Gordon, GG, Herga, Pres-Air, Tecmark, Waterway, to fit your spa.

FITTINGS & SUCTION: Spa plumbing fittings like couplings, 90’s, 45’s and Tees. Reducers, adapters and specialty fittings for all your hot tub plumbing needs. Here also we have VGB compliant suction inlet fittings, or spa drain assemblies including connector, drain cover, lock ring and gasket.

HOSES & TUBING: If you are looking for PVC Flex Pipe, or Clear Vinyl Hose of any size, this is the place. We carry Flex PVC hose in 5 sizes, sold by the foot, or in large 50’ rolls. Clear vinyl tubing is sold by the foot, and also available in 5 sizes to fit any size smooth or ribbed barb connector.

PLUMBING KITS: Spa plumbing kits contain two pieces of 30” PVC Flex pipe, 90’s, couplings and a can of glue, perfect for replacing a section between spa jets. Hot Tub Plumbing Kits are available in 1.5” and 2” sizes.

SPA MANIFOLDS: Spa Manifolds are used to split water or air flow from one larger pipe into many smaller pipes, to connect to spa jets, using vinyl spa hose. We carry over 60 different plumbing manifolds, from Magic and Waterway to match nearly every spa plumbing configuration possible.

SPA SKIMMERS: Also part of your spa plumbing, spa skimmers have plastic parts that can become brittle over time. Featured here are strip skimmers, which is a wall fitting with a strainer grate, if your skimmer also houses your filter, you’ll find your skimmer parts in the filter department.

THERMOWELLS: A thermowell is a device to hold a sensor, some thermowells resemble test tubes and they keep the sensor dry, while others are ‘wet’ thermowells. We carry all sizes of wet and dry thermowells for hot tubs and spas, in a Tube/Nut style, or incorporated into a 90° plumbing fitting.

SPA UNIONS: Spa unions are used frequently in spa plumbing, because there is not enough room to work, and you need to be able to remove equipment easily. In our spa union parts page, you will find complete unions, pump unions, union nuts, tailpieces, o-rings and gaskets, and split nut unions. About the only unions you won’t find here are heater unions, which have their own page.

SPA VALVES: We stock over 50 different spa and hot tub valves, slice valves, gate valves, ball valves, diverter valves, and jandy valves. Also, check valves (one-way flow valves used with blowers).

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