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The Ozone Resource for Your Spa

HotTubWorks proudly features Del Ozone products for your spa. Del is the largest provider of spa ozone generators to the hot tub industry so when you choose Del you are getting the best-made, most tested spa ozonator on the planet.

What is Ozone?

  • Spa ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can be safely used in spas. It kills all known bacteria, viruses, yeasts and a bunch of other stuff you don't want to talk about.

  • Ozone offers an alternative to heavy doses of traditional chemicals such as bromine and chlorine and while it can't completely eliminate these chemicals, it can drastically reduce the required amounts.

  • Ozone is a safe, proven technology. It leaves no chemical taste or smell, it is environmentally sound and it's gentle on your equipment. In fact, the only by-product of Ozone is pure oxygen.

  • Ozone eliminates chloramines, and other by-products of chlorine and bromine, and destroys other harmful chemicals or contaminants in the water.

  • Ozone helps shock your spa to rid of oils and other organic compounds that combine to produce the dreaded Spa Scum Ring.

How does Ozone Work?

Ozone is an unstable compound generated by the exposure of oxygen molecules to a high energy electrical discharge. Oxygen molecules O2 are broken into two oxygen atoms O1 + O1. Each orphaned oxygen atom searches out another O2 molecule and attaches to it becoming O3 (Ozone). An oxidation reaction occurs with any contact between an ozone molecule and a molecule of an oxidizable substance (bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus, etc.). The extra molecule of oxygen breaks off and oxidizes, blowing-up the bad guys while the remaining oxygen molecule moves on. If you would like to learn still more about ozone (and who wouldn't?), please click on this link to get the informative booklet Ozone 101.

How is ozone produced?

Ozone is an unstable compound generated by the exposure of oxygen molecules to a high energy electrical discharge. But why should we tell you about this when we can show you? Click here to see a short video from our friends at DEL Ozone on how Ozone is produced.

Why DEL Ozone?

At HotTubWorks, we sell Del Ozone products exclusively. Incorporated in 1975, Del Ozone is the world's leading supplier of ozone units in new spas. In fact, 80% of all spa manufacturers install DEL Ozone in their spas. Typically, spa manufacturers must reimburse their dealers for service call expenses. The fact that most manufacturers choose DEL Ozone should tell you something about DEL quality and reliability. Put another way, Del's warranty rate is a stunningly low 0.1%; Another reason we sell DEL is their proven, superior technology. Click tho enlarge the comparison chart of ozone output between DEL and other comparable units. The top two units are made by DEL Ozone, the others are not.

What kind of Ozone should I get?
There are two kinds of ozone generators. One uses UV (Ultra Violet light energy) and the other uses CD (Corona Discharge electrical energy). UV light ozonators mimic sunlight which creates ozone naturally in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, UV lamps have limited ozone output, producing less 600 ppm of ozone, which is not enough for the average spa or hot tub. On the other hand, CD energy is more like lightning. It is highly concentrated, uses less energy to operate than UV, generates less heat and is smaller, making it more suited for producing ozone in spas. Technology has moved beyond light wavelength ozone, and so we recommend and sell Corona Discharge hot tub ozonators only, and no longer carry UV ozonators.

Have you checked your ozone lately?

Most spas built in the last twenty years have an ozonator built-in or are ozone ready. Did you know that ozonators require replenishing or replacement once every 18-24 months? If you don't replace the CD chip or UV bulb at the right time, you run the risk of becoming ill from an under-sanitized spa. And also, the ozone hose and check valve should be replaced every 12-24 months, as hose becomes brittle from the gas, and the tiny check valve begins to wear out. Newer systems have indicator lights, but there is no easy way to check the ozone level. Bubbles from the ozone jet, or the smell of ozone when you lift the hot tub cover are good indicators, but you may never know if your spa ozonator suddenly stops producing ozone. For best results, mind the manufacturer's recommendation on ozone maintenance for your particular model, to keep your spa ozonator running properly.

Is Ozone all I need to sanitize and keep my spa water clean?

The quick answer is "no" but you can eliminate much of your customary sanitizer and shock. If you combine your ozone with a mineral sanitizer like Spa Frog or Nature 2, you can use a fraction of the amounts of bromine or chlorine. While not environmentally "perfect", this combination is the safest, most effective approach we have found for an environmentally sensitive spa sanitary system. There are some manufacturers who say you can get away with using just MPS shock and a mineral stick, but we beg to differ. The EPA nor the CDC has not approved ANY spa sanitary system that does not include at least some amount of Chlorine or Bromine. For those of you concerned about cutting chemicals, we recommend the Spa Frog Floating system as the most effective mate for your new ozonator.

Mineral + Bromine or Chlorine

Choose your ozone system
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