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Spa Ozone

Have You Checked Your Ozonator today?

Ozone systems are a powerful, chemical-reducing spa sanitizer that kills all known bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other organics. At Hot Tub Works, you will find a variety of hot tub ozonator systems and ozonator replacement parts like hoses, check valves, injectors, mixers and diffusers.

Hot Tub Works is proud to carry Del Ozone products, made in San Luis Obispo, California since 1975. With 40 years of research and development, Del ozone has produced UV Ozone, Corona Discharge Ozone, and the Next Generation Spa Eclipse ozonators using Plasma Gap technology.

Most folks don't know they need to replace their Ozonator unit or chip every 18-24 months.
Want to know More about Ozone? Click here.

Del Ozone MCD-50 Spa Ozonator, 120/240V, AMP Plug
Item #: A2492
Regular Price: $199.99
Our Price: $ 124.99
Availability: Usually leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days
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Del Ozone MCD-50 Spa Ozonator, 120/240V, AMP Plug

MCD-50U Next Generation Spa Ozonator has an improved Ozone Electrode and the new APG Ozone Module. MCD-50U is Universal Voltage and Hertz, and comes with 2 pin wires and an AMP plug connection to fit most spa controls. If your spa control uses J&J plugs, use this AMP plug to J&J Ozone plug Adapter Cord.

Application: Portable spa / hot tub ozone replacement. High output system sanitizes hot tubs to over 1,000 gallons.

Description: Ceramic tube CD ozone generator for extended durability and corrosion resistance, with an expected lifespan of 4-5 years! The new MCD-50U is “universal voltage”, and will adapt to operate on 100-250V, sensing the incoming voltage.

Wall mounts on interior wall of spa with heavy tabs, top and bottom. Measures 6.1” wide x 8.6” tall x 2.8” deep.

  • Installation kit includes tubing, backflow preventer, mounting hardware
  • Mazzei injectors are available, if your spa is not ozone ready
  • LED indicator shows ozone generator operation
  • 50 mg/hour ozone output at rated airflow
  • UL listed

Del Ozone Spa Eclipse 120/220V
Item #: A2491
Regular Price: $112.21
Our Price: $100.99
Availability: Usually leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days

Del Ozone Spa Eclipse 120/220V

Using Ozone, one of the most powerful oxidizing disinfectant, the Del Ozone Spa Eclipse helps keep your spa water immaculately clean while eliminating odors and saving you money on chemicals. The Del Ozone Spa Eclipse is designed to plumb easily into all ozone-ready spas or the spa return line. Del Ozone Spa Eclipse is easily mountable and comes complete with Ozone generator, Ozone supply tubing, check valve, mounting screws, installation manual, and water chemistry guide.


  • 200 times more powerful than oxygen
  • 99.99% effective at killing bacteria
  • No chemical residue
  • No harsh by-products
  • Simple installation
  • Dual Voltage 120/220V
  • Comes with amp style plug

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Hot tub ozone is a gas produced by an ozone generator, and has been called the world’s most powerful sanitizer. Completely safe and all natural, hot tub ozonators take oxygen (O2) from the air, and split the molecule into O1 and O1, which then quickly attaches to the nearest O2, and becomes O3, or Ozone. Ozone gas is injected into the spa water line and released into the footwell area to sanitize and disinfect your hot tub. Want to know more about Ozone? Click here.

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