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Complete Heater Units and Heater Elements

Search a wide selection of complete replacement hot tub heaters, Balboa Flo-Thru heaters and Lain low flow heaters to keep your hot tub running and feeling perfect. You can also find heater elements, spa heater switches, sensors, gaskets and union parts for just about any spa and hot tub brand, make and model.

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Heater Parts

Heater Flow Switches Heater Hi Limits Heater Housings Heater Manifolds Heater Pressure Switches Heater Sensors Heater Vacuum Switches Spa Heaters

COMPLETE HOT TUB HEATERS: Complete flow through hot tub heaters by Balboa, Laing and Thermcore to fit any spa pack. Complete Balboa style spa heaters include a mounted heater element inside of a stainless steel tube. Some spa heater assemblies also include sensors, switches and unions. Laing Low Flow J Heaters and Sundance heater units also available. Flo-Thru heaters available to fit Action, Acura, Allied, Balboa, Brett, Caldera, Cal Spas, Coleman, Gecko, Hydroquip, MEI, PDC, Pinnacle, NuWave, Spa Builders, Tiger River, United and more.

HEATER ELEMENTS: Replacement spa heater elements can be purchased for around half the price of a new heater, however you have to install it perfectly snug within the tube. We carry replacement elements for flo-thru and plate style hot tub heaters, in Standard, Center and Plate terminal locations. Kilowatt output of 0.5 kW to 5.5 kW. All elements can be wired 120V or 240V, and are available as uncoated Standard, Incoloy Coated or Titanium Coated elements.

BALBOA HEATER ASSEMBLIES: Balboa was the first to introduce the spa tube heater, or flow-thru heater design with a slim stainless steel tube housing a 4kw or 5.5kw heater element, with unions at both ends. Spa pack manufacturers loved how streamlined it made their spa packs, so soon every pack had flow-thru heaters. We have complete Balboa heater units to fit all Balboa spa control systems, including the newest M7 version.

FLOW SWITCHES: Flow switches are used by some spa manufacturers as an alternative to pressure switches, vacuum switches or even temperature sensors. A flow switch is a simple device that measures water flow in various basic ways. The switch opens when water flow falls below a pre-set threshold, breaking the circuit, and shutting off the spa heater. We have dozens of spa flow switches in stock by Gecko, Len Gordon, Harwil, Jacuzzi, LA Spas and Sundance.

HI LIMIT SWITCHES: The hi limit switches measure temperature inside the hot tub heater tube. Often there are two switches, one on each end of the heater tube, or sometimes just before and after the spa heater. Hi-Limit switches detect dangerously high heater temps and are part of the safety circuit to protect spa users and spa equipment from high water temperatures.

HEATER UNIONS & UNION PARTS: One of the most popular sub-categories for spa heaters are spa unions, the PVC connectors on each end of the flow-thru heater tube. Here is where we keep spa heater union parts – heater union tails or tail pieces, heater union o-rings, gaskets and split-nut heater unions for fast repairs. What you will not find here, are pump unions or pipe unions, those are different.

SPA HEATER MANIFOLDS: If you don’t have a flo-thru style spa pack heater, then you have what we call a plate heater, so called because the element has a large plate flange attached to the base, which is bolted to the spa manifold. Spa Manifolds are either stainless steel or plastic, and come in a variety of shapes to fit different spas and spa packs. Manifolds are available for Baker-Hydro, Brett, Marquis, Hot Spring, HydroQuip, Premiere, Scandia, Sundance, and other Watkins brands.

PRESSURE SWITCHES: Hot tub pressure switches are mounted on flo-thru spa heaters as an approximation of water flow. When a low pressure is sensed, (from low water flow), the switch will open the circuit and shut off the spa heater to prevent overheating. If your pressure switch is keeping the heater off, clean the filter or fix other flow problems. Pressure switches can be adjusted if needed, or replaced easily when defective.

HOT TUB SENSORS: In our spa sensors category, we have Balboa Hi-Limit sensors, and a long list of other heater temperature sensors by ACC, Action, Len Gordon, Gecko, Hot Spring, HydroQuip, Sundance, Vita Spas. Temp sensors are used as yet another safety feature to prevent overheating. Pressure switches and flow switches are mechanical, and can be less durable than using two heater temp sensors, like the new M7 Balboa heater assembly.

VACUUM SWITCHES: What’s the opposite of pressure? Vacuum - vacuum switches are used in the same way as a pressure switch, but are used on the suction side of the pump. Spas and hot tubs with heaters before the pump would use vacuum switches to detect proper water flow through the heater. A properly working spa vacuum switch will open when low vacuum pressure is detected in the heater.

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