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Spa Electrical Parts

Hot tubs and spas are electrical appliances, and they operate with hundreds of electrical switches, contactors and fuses. After it passes through the spa GFCI, incoming power is reduced by a transformer, and after passing through fuses, voltage courses through your spa control circuit board, exiting via relays to power your electric heater, pump, blower, ozonator and spa lights.

Our hot tub electrical parts are all 100% original equipment quality, from brands you know and trust. You can find genuine replacement spa electrical parts here, and if you need help, let us know!

Select your electrical spa part from these types:

CIRCUIT BOARDS: Replacement PCB (printed circuit boards) by ACC, Balboa, Brett, D-1, Gecko, Hydroquip, Jacuzzi, Len Gordon, Sundance, Sweetwater and Watkins. Hot tub circuit boards don’t last forever, eventually heat and humidity (or insects) will take their toll. We make it easy to find your exact replacement spa circuit board (must match Chip and Topside control). Confused? Call us!

CONTACTORS: A contactor is basically a heavy duty relay, acting as a switch, to release power to the heater element and from the GFCI. Hot tub contactors have an internal coil, a switch and large contacts that move visibly when switched. When replacing a spa contactor, you must match Hertz, Voltage, Amperage and the number of Poles and Throws.

FUSES, BREAKERS & GFCI: In this category we have fuses from LittelFuse, Spa GFCI panels from Square D and Spa GFI plugs from Leviton , and small breakers and reset buttons from General Electric. These are electrical items that control the power coming into your spa, and serve to protect users. If your GFCI, breakers or fuses are blowing, that may indicate a problem with stray voltage.

HARDWARE: Spa electrical connectors would be a better name for this section. Here you can find spa wire spade terminals, bonding lugs, ground lugs, grounding bars and other such goodies to keep your spa safe.

HIGH LIMITS: Hi-Limit Sensors are critical to keeping your spa users safe, and many hot tubs use more than one, for redundant protection. Mechanical hi-limit switches have capillary bulb attached to a bare copper wire, and a (usually) red reset button. Electrical Hi-Limit Switches screw onto the body of the heater, and have wires connecting it to the circuit board. Temp sensors perform a similar function, but are found in our hot tub heater department.

LIGHTING: In our spa lighting category of hot tub electrical parts, you will find LED replacement bulbs, spa light wiring harnesses, colored lens caps, and complete spa light kits by Balboa, Sloan and Waterway. Don’t see the spa lighting part you need? We have operators standing by.

MISCELLANEOUS: Here’s where we put spa electric parts, that have no other place to go. But we really should have called this section hot tub switches, because here you’ll find a large selection of Rocker Switches, toggle switches and push-button switches for replacement on older spas.

RELAYS: On your spa control circuit board, you will notice several black cubes, which are relays, used to function as small contactors, to control the flow of electrical power to each load (pump, blower, ozone generator, lights). Relays can be replaced on a circuit board, but they come in many Styles - T86, T87, T90, T91, T92, just to name a few. Be sure to match Style, Volts, Amps and number of Poles and Throws. If you need help, just ask!

THERMOSTATS: A large selection of mechanical thermostats by Eaton Mears, Cotherm and Tecmark, that fits many older spa packs. We also carry solid state thermostats with temperature probe and potentiometer. When replacing a spa thermostat, match the bulb diameter and length, wire length, and listed voltage and amperage.

TIME CLOCKS: Spa timers and time clocks by Diehl, Grasslin, Intermatic, and Len Gordon. 24hr timer clocks are used on older spa systems, or air switch controlled spa packs. Replacement spa timers and wall mounted blower timers are always in stock, and always on time!

TRANSFORMERS: Spa control and safety circuits do not run off of 240V, they only need 24-28 volts to operate in most cases. A transformer is used to reduce power, from 240V to 24V, for example. Some spa transformers are mounted on the circuit board, or next to the circuit board, with incoming power attached. If you have power going in, but no (or not enough) power coming out, a new hot tub transformer may be in your future.

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