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Hot Tub Control Panels

Welcome to our Hot Tub Control Panel page, where you will find topside control panels to operate spa control systems by ACC, Balboa, Gecko, Len Gordon, HydroQuip and Tecmark and others - used on a wide variety of spas and hot tubs. Control panels for Air and Digital systems include the cable to connect to your spa control circuit board. Many topside panels look alike, but have specific cable connections and work with specific controller circuit boards. For questions on compatability of topside control panels, please contact us, with the make and model of your spa control, and specifically the chip revision number on your controller circuit board.

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Hot Tub Control Panel Troubleshooting
The spa control panel is simply a remote control panel, to display status and error messages, and allow the user to control spa functions (light, blower, jets) from inside the spa. Control panels are quite durable, but some may fail from moisture, heat and chemicals, requiring a replacement panel. However, when topside control panels misbehave, they may not always be to blame. The topside control is actually controlled by the circuit board, and connected by a cable, both which could be the real cause of the issue.

Like other computerized appliances around the home, your spa controller may need to be occassionally powered down, to reset to default settings. To do a "Hard Reboot" on your spa, shut down the system by turning off the spa disconnect breaker, and then disconnect the topside control cable at both ends, on the panel and on the board. Reconnect the cable firmly, and turn the power on again.

STEP TWO: Inspect Panel, Cable and Board
Moisture under the panel display or on the circuit board can create a variety of topside panel problems. Dry out moist panels, boards and connections with a hair dryer, clean any corrosion from contacts, and seal up any sources of moisture or humidity. Insects or small reptiles can also create their own problems, inspect for any infestation. While inspecting the circuit boards, look closely with a flashlight for any signs of melting, warping, or a burnt electrical smell. Finally, inspect the cable and connections closely for any signs of crimping, rodent damage or corrosion.

STEP THREE: Check Power
Power coming from the circuit board. At the point where the topside control panel connects to the circuit board, you can test the voltage with a multimeter, to be sure that power is proper at the point. Each circuit board will produce a specific voltage and ampacity to operate the panel. If volts/amps are within range, the problem lies not with the circuit board, but in the cable or topside panel.

Unfortunately, there is no way to test the topside control panel in the field, other than plugging a replacement control panel in place of one that is not operating properly. Please remember that topside control panels, circuit boards and other electrical equipment that has been used, installed or tested is not returnable, so order with care - and if you need help selecting the correct topside control, please contact us with information and pictures, about your spa control system and spa features, and existing control panel. We may also need to know the circuit board part #, and/or chip number from the board.

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