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Features on Our Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Works is committed to creating the best spa cover available while offering you the best materials, warranty and service possible. Our spa and hot tub covers are head and shoulders above the rest – especially when it comes to safety, durability, value and warranty. Our covers are CAD developed and precision manufactured featuring materials and design beyond the industry’s highest standards.

Our Spa and Hot Tub Covers Meet all ASTM Safety Standard

Spa cover safety is especially important if you have children or pets that can get near your spa or hot tub which is why Hot Tub Works covers are all ASTM certified. All of our spa covers and hot tub covers meet or exceed the rigorous ASTM cover safety standards. You should also know that many municipal building codes require ASTM-compliant hot tub covers to be used.

HotTubWorks Covers are ASTM certified

Spa Cover Tops Made of Rugged Marine-Grade Vinyl

All of Hot Tub Works’ spa and hot tub covers feature premium 30 ounce marine-grade vinyl treated with mildew and UV inhibitors. This high quality vinyl in your spa cover’s first line of defense again moisture intrusion, and it will keep your custom cover strong and looking new for longer. Our covers with this marine-grade vinyl has been cold crack tested down to -20° F.

Rugged HotTubWorks Marine Spa Cover Vinyl

Cover Insulation is Tapered Closed Cell Virgin Foam

Hot Tub Works uses virgin foam for all of our hot tub covers. The 4-inch to 2-inch tapered spa cover features closed cell virgin foam core insulation in a variety of densities to meet every specific need. Our tapers are the best when it comes to cover strength and heat retention all while keeping the cover weight as minimal as possible. Beyond normal spa cover designs, we also create a super strong, 6-inch to 4-inch tapered hot tub “Ultra” cover with an R-Value of 24. We also have “The Works” cover that is super equipped with the highest foam density and thickness, giving it an R-Value of over 30.

HotTubWorks uses Tapered Virgin Foam for it's hot tub covers

Hot Tub Works Offers the Best Warranty

The spa cover warranty from provides protection that is second-to-none. At 5 years, non-prorated, “bumper-to-bumper” coverage, our warranty includes full protection for moisture in the insulation core which is the single biggest cause of spa cover failure. Our advanced sealing technology is so reliable that our warranty covers the insulation and includes the cost of replacement freight from the manufacturer for the first year.

Our Moisture Lock Heat Seal is Exclusive

Hot Tub Works uses an Exclusive Moisture Lock seal on all of its spa covers and hot tub covers. Moisture absorption in the insulating core is the number one cause of spa cover failure. When a spa cover becomes so heavy it’s difficult to lift, it’s because of moisture intrusion. Moisture destroys the integrity and insulating value of the spa cover, and our Exclusive Moisture Lock seal is the best defense against this issue and the reason we can offer the industry’s best warranty.

HotTubWorks uses an Exclusive Moisture Lock seal for it's spa covers

Hot Tub Covers Heavily Reinforced

Custom spa covers from are reinforced at 37 different stress points including the hinge, handles, straps, corners and skirts. This added reinforcement provides extra strength, added durability and extends the life of your spa cover or hot tub cover. Quite simply, there isn’t a stronger spa cover available at any price.

HotTubWorks Reinforces it's Spa Covers for ultimate strength

Sturdy, Four Layer Hinge

The hinges on spa covers are critical stress points which is we make these areas sturdier by using four layers of reinforced vinyl. The design and function of our hinge has been tested through thousands of folds to ensure reliable use for years of opening and closing of your spa cover.

HotTubWorks uses a sturdy four layer hinge for it's spa covers

Super-Strength Recessed Handles

Instead of using sub-par black web mesh handles that really stick out, features reinforced, recessed vinyl handles that match your spa perfectly.

HotTubWorks uses Super Strength recessed handles

Locking, Extra-Strong Tie-Down Straps

Hot Tub Works uses extra strong tie down straps to keep your spa cover secure. These beefy, triple-reinforced straps with locking fasteners increase your spa’s safety exponentially.

HotTubWorks uses extra strong tie down straps to keep your spa cover on the ground

20 Gauge Steel Reinforced Center Channel

A 20-gauge steel center channel is inserted into both pieces of foam insulation to strengthen the cover’s center and provide extra strong support.

HotTubWorks uses a 20Guage Steel center channel to keep your spa cover from sagging

Commercial Grade Zipper and Flap

There’s no need to worry about ugly, hard-to-use rusty zippers with our spa covers. Hot Tub Works uses commercial-grade metals and flap to make our zippers corrosion resistant while still being easy access to the sealed core.

HotTubWorks uses a commercial grade zipper and flap for long lasting use on yoru spa cover