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Printable Spa Measurement Guides

Choose your spa shape below and click to view (and print if you like) the measuring guides for your particular spa shape. If you know the make and model of your spa, that is usually sufficient to place a spa cover order. For inground spas, or unknown manufacturer, or for custom spas, we ask that you take careful measurements of all dimensions and measure the radius of all curves. Sounds complicated but it's really not, with our simple to follow hot tub cover measuring instructions, you can measure your tub perfectly in 30 minutes or less.

Choose your shape below to download a printable measurement guide.

Square or RectangleRounded Square or Rounded RectangleElliptical (Bowed) Hot Spring
One Cut Corner AOne Cut Corner BTwo Cut Corner A
Two Cut Corner BFour Cut Corner Square or RectangleRound

For best results, study each image and read each paragraph carefully in the spa cover measurement guide. List all dimensions in inches, not centimeters, and round up measurements to the nearest inch. Be sure to provide outside dimensions of your spa, not inside dimensions, and note images if your spa shell has a ledge around the outside cabinet.