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We Make Ordering and Buying a Spa Cover Quick and Easy

Buying a new spa cover isn’t the most pleasant, exciting thing to do, we know, so we have worked very hard to make your ordering experience at the best possible. Our database of suggested measurements for hundreds of spa covers from all of the spa manufacturers means we have your spa cover available, and you just have to put in your make and model to find it. If you have a custom-made spa, we have printable measurement forms available for your use when you are on There’s no more guesswork involved, just getting a high-quality spa cover that fits perfectly at a great price.

Hot Tub Works Spa Covers Have the Best Fit and Finish

From the premium, heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl down to our strong, weather-resistant stitching and commercial grade zippers, we monitor every detail closely to make sure our covers are the best, and you won’t be able to find a better-made spa cover anywhere else.

Best Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

Our standard 1.5-pound foam cores deliver insulation value about R-13 which is typical for the insulation on the outside of a home. Using better, denser foam helps you save energy and money, and a small upgrade to your cover’s foam cover can deliver even more energy and dollar savings – especially if you live in a chillier climate. Not only do the spa covers from Hot Tub Works help save the environment, they’re good for the environment, too. We use recyclable EPS foam insulation that contains no ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs.

Get the Best Deal on a Spa Cover and Cover Lift Combos

The only thing that comes close to the excitement of having a new, high-quality spa cover is getting an easy-to-use, reliable cover lift, and there’s no other way to put it: we have the best deals in the world on spa cover and cover lift combos. Many customers have told us they get more use from their spa once they install a good cover lift, since the spa is so much easier to use and quicker to open up and close.