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Quality spa covers and hot tub covers with exceptional value.

Custom spa covers that are well constructed last longer than the standard hot tub cover. We here at Hot Tub Works have found the perfect formula to manufacturing multiple grades and tapers of hot tub covers. You won't have to break the bank account just to find a quality hot tub or spa cover that will last!

What separates our spa covers and hot tub covers from theirs?

At Hot Tub Works, no matter what model you order, the insulation taper offers the best combination of strength and heat retention while keeping cover weight to a minimum. Each and every one of our covers, regardless of the model you choose, comes equipped with a layer of polyethylene laminate secured to the foam core. This protects your spa cover insulation against moisture invasion - a hot tub owner's worst nightmare! Regardless of the level of cover you decide on, they are made using only the best 30 ounce marine grade vinyl on the market. We manufacture all of our spa covers with the highest level of care and integrity.  Our reputation matters!

Why do spa covers and hot tub covers matter?

Your spa cover is an integral factor in the health of your hot tub. A highly insulated spa cover, with an above average R-Value will not only save you money on your energy costs, but will prolong the life of your parts and equipment. A spa cover that retains heat will be a sigh of relief for your controller, heater, and pump, among other things. Heat loss is inevitable through a poorly insulated or water saturated spa cover which will make your equipment (especially your heater) work harder than it has to. Once a spa cover’s foam has saturated with water, the R-Value dissipates which translates to the good old expression, "money down the (spa) drain".

Although “hot tubs” and “spas” are technically different (even though the terms are often used interchangeably), “hot tub covers” and “spa covers” are the same.  Many companies use different names or labels for them or insert the name of a brand of spa into the name of the cover.  Names like Jacuzzi covers, Sundance spa covers, Hot Spring spa covers and Cal Spa covers are all still referring to the same type of product.  Our custom made spa covers will be made to fit the dimensions specified, and will fit perfectly regardless of the spa’s brand.

Commercial and Custom Spa and Hot Tub Covers?

We have been making commercial spa covers and commercial hot tub covers for almost a decade. Our custom hot tub covers have been used in many commercial applications.  We are the largest producer of custom spa covers today because we use CAD systems to create drawings of every spa cover produced. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is automated to the fullest extent possible, allowing us to produce spa covers and hot tub covers to your precise specifications. Over the years we have made spa covers and hot tub covers for every type of client and application: waterfalls, spill overs, negative edge pool/spa combinations, and rock formations are no problem for us! We have been trusted to manufacture spa covers for Camp David as well as some of the biggest water parks in the US. In addition to considering the shape and size of your spa we also design based on the weight and strength demands of your application. We have found that it is important to consider the climate conditions the spa cover is placed in as well as the personnel available for removal of the spa cover. Our design team and custom spa cover experts can work with you to provide a detailed drawing designed exactly for your application upon request.

Going Hot Tub Cover Green

Recently we reached a new milestone by totaling our custom hot tub cover productions to over 300,000. Our growth over the last 7 years has not been easy, but it has been very rewarding. We have been able to create more jobs, buy more raw materials, and provide more shipping contracts for all of our domestic partners. One of the aspects that we are most proud of is the technology we have invested in: all raw materials in our production facility are cut by automated machines, eliminating excess waste and creating a safe work place. By using technology to the fullest extent we have lowered our energy consumption and been able to produce the highest quality hot tub covers available.