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Understanding and Replacing Spa Filters

How do I locate and inspect my filter?

Your replaceable spa filter (sometimes called a filter cartridge) is most likely a cylindrical object with plastic caps at either end and some pleated material in the middle that used to be white. Its first job is to clean your water and protect your health. Secondly, it helps prevent your spa pump and other spa parts from getting gunked up with microscopic and larger particles that can threaten both your health AND your spa investment.

We wish there was an easy way to explain how to locate and remove your filter but the truth is there are so many different locations and types of spa filters we can't do it here. However, we do have a few tips for you:

  1. Dirty hot tub filterSpa filters are located somewhere in the main spa water path and are most often partially visible from inside the spa. You may find it under a lid or in a canister, "cradle" or "bucket". If you can't find your filter, check your spa owner's manual. If you don't have an owner's manual, try logging on to the spa manufacturer's web site. Often, original spa manufacturers post their owners manuals and other technical information on their sites.

  2. Once you have located your filter, TURN THE POWER TO YOUR SPA OFF. This is best done at your spa's main circuit breaker switch. Aside from general safety, this will prevent debris from being sucked into the pump accidentally if your spa should start a normal cleaning cycle while the filter is removed.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend that you have an extra filter on hand to replace the old one while waiting for your new one to arrive. This will allow you to enjoy your spa while you are waiting.

  3. Spa filters can be removed in several ways. Here again, it's best to check your spa owner's manual or spa manufacturer's web site for removal instructions. One tip: if your filter has one threaded end that is screwed in place, it will unlock in a counter-clockwise motion.

  4. After you have inspected your filter, be sure to clean it as best you can and clean any debris you may find in or around its holder. Just remember to cut the electricity off when your filter is out to avoid getting air and impurities trapped in your system. If it is cracked, imploded, really limp or otherwise broken, do not operate your spa until you get a new replacement. If not, secure it back in the spa, turn the power on and run the spa on "high" for a couple of minutes to make sure you purge any air that may have gotten into the system. Some spas may shut down completely if you don't do this before your spa goes into a programmed cleaning cycle.

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