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Maintaining Hot Tub Filters

Sad but True:


That's why it is recommended that you change your filter at least once per year! We're not saying this just because we want to sell you a spa filter (although that would be nice). We're saying it because your filter helps protect your health AND several expensive spa parts.Dirty filters can even void your warranty. So, it pays to check your spa filter once or twice per month

Obviously, you must inspect the hot tub filter before deciding if you need to replace it. If you haven't taken a look at your filter yet, learn more about spa filter location and retrieval tips. There are several telltale signs your filter can give you when it's too tired to work.

  1. Dirty hot tub filterWe recommend yearly hot tub filter replacement but if your spa filter is more than two years old, you should toss it no matter how it may look. This is because your hot tub filter is made of a fibrous material that gradually loosens over time creating ever-larger spaces for particles to push through and gunk up your pump. It pays to be ruthless on this one. Hot tub pumps are way more expensive than filters. Consider it a law: two years and it's hasta la vista, baby!

  2. No matter how old your hot tub filter is, if you can't get it reasonably clean, it's time for it to go. What is reasonably clean? Well, if you can't stand to look at it, that would be a clue.

  3. If your hot tub filter element (the center part) actually feels loose, it's bye-bye filter.

  4. If the center element is ripped, bent or imploded or the caps on the end are brittle, cracked or very guessed's out with the old hot tub filter and in with the new!

Treat your hot tub as well as you would your car, or perhaps better. You wouldn't wait until your air filter failed to replace it, so please don't wait until your hot tub filter fails. It's such a small, affordable part, but it's vital to the continued function of your hot tub. Don't let delayed maintenance or filter replacement void your warranty or damage the hot tub you invested thousands of dollars in. Unused filters don't go bad, so you can keep a spare filter on hand at all times. Then, you'll never be without the use of your hot tub because you're waiting for the replacement filter to arrive in the mail.

Order a new spa replacement filter

If you're ready to maintain your filter, but aren't sure where to find it,
go to: How do I locate and inspect my spa filter?

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