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Spa Cleaning and Care Guide

Proper spa cleaning and care will ensure that you receive full enjoyment of your spa. If you follow our advice for weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning and maintenance, you may even extend the life of your spa. At the very least, youíll reduce the need for expensive repairs. Given the high cost of spas and hot tubs, isnít it worth a little of your time and effort to make your investment last?

Initial Start-Up
  1. Polish the entire spa surface with Fast Gloss prior to filling.
  2. Add Metal Gon during the fill cycle (prevents mineral deposits from forming).
  3. Use an AquaChek test strip to test your water and balance it accordingly By adding pH Balance Plus* at this time, you will reduce the need to adjust your pH for up to three months.
  4. Add your sanitizer.
  5. Test water using a AquaChek Test Strip to make sure water is still balanced.
  6. Shock with Renew or OZ.

Always allow product to circulate in spa water for one minute with jets on prior to adding another product. Circulate water for 10 minutes after all products are added to ensure proper mixing and reduce the potential for skin irritation.
  1. Test water using an AquaChek test strip. Adjust as needed.
  2. If needed, add Bright & Clear according to label directions.
  3. Add Defender according to label directions.
  4. Add Enzyme according to label directions.

After Each Use
IMPORTANT NOTE: It's best to Shock your hot tub with Renew or Oz IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU USE IT.

Monthly Cleaning
  1. Shut off your hot tub, remove the filter and clean using Instant Cartridge Clean .
  2. Spa cover should be cleaned using either or Cover Care & Conditioner.

3-Month Cleaning
  1. Add Jet Clean according to label directions. (remove the filter prior to use)
  2. Drain your spa
  3. Clean the shell of the hot tub with and wipe down.
  4. Apply Fast Gloss to hot tub surface to protect, seal, and keep the spa finish from fading.
  5. Deep clean filter with Filter Clean.
  6. If you use one replace your Spa Mineral Purifier
  7. Clean you spa cover with or Cover Care & Conditioner.

As you can see, it doesn't require a lot of weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance to keep your hot tub running properly. Weekly maintenance requires about twenty minutes. Monthly maintenance may take up to an hour. Your three-month cleaning may take up to three hours. All told, you'll spend about forty hours a year maintaining your hot tub, leaving you the other 8720 hours to enjoy it.

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